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I was roaming around on Twitter and decided to check out recent #JohnCarter Tweets.  Then it occurred to me it might be interesting to post the last 24 hours worth of tweets.  I haven’t edited this at all — just copy/pasted everything for the last 24 hours.  Seems pretty positive overall.
Chris Cosper

@Disney bought “John Carter” last night. #johncarter #barsoom OH THIS FAMILY LOVES IT–RATJE REUNION x35! Great work Andrew Stanton, Disney!

Plz flw @HipHoptimum: Taylor Kitsch: ‘It Was Hard On Me’ – F Scott Fitzgerald once told… #JohnCarter #taylorkitsch

Went with #21JumpStreet instead of #JohnCarter. Just couldn’t resist with all this Channing Tatum talk

Might rent #JohnCarter for the second time. Something to study to.#UnderRated

I’m sorry, is the cast of #JohnCarter comprised of the cast of#Rome? Loving Ciarán Hinds with all his tattoos and battle gear#CiaránHinds

Best of @andrewstanton: In the midst of the #JohnCarter box-office pain and pile-on press, he came up with this [see following RT]!

Andrew Stanton’s love for the material showed. Unfortunately, I believe it clouded his vision and that is why it is such a mess.#JohnCarter

Watching “John Carter”-3 mins into it confused and intrigued. Should have seen it in theatres, intimidated by the hype #disney #johncarter

I love these little dog-monster things! I want one. #JohnCarter

Plz flw @HipHoptimum: Taylor Kitsch: ‘It Was Hard On Me’ – F Scott Fitzgerald once told… #JohnCarter #taylorkitsch

Yeah, so the mrs.-to-be was not impressed with #JohnCarter. I am apparently just an easy mark for giant, tusked, four-armed alien warriors.

Watching #JohnCarter with Rod! Greatttt film up to now

#JohnCarter is one of those films that won’t be appreciated for another 20 years. Disney f**ked the marketing, doesn’t mean the film sucked.

WHAT!? My children started #JohnCarter without me! It’s okay, they forgot their snack. Nom Nom Nom #payback!

Wow. Just watched #JohnCarter what a dull snooze fest! How do people get away with making such shit films?!

Video: One of the animators shares his workflow on a scene from#JohnCarter

@PraveenSawh #JohnCarter based on 100 year old novel “A Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs, author of Tarzan.

#Sexshouallll RT “@_ali_moe_: Wen r we slypn ????”@Jibbs252: masa da wate…RT @_ali_moe_: The onli Carter in the game#johncarter“”

Wen r we slypn ????”@Jibbs252: masa da wate…RT @_ali_moe_: The onli Carter in the game #johncarter

Plz flw @HipHoptimum: Taylor Kitsch: ‘It Was Hard On Me’ – F Scott Fitzgerald once told… #JohnCarter #taylorkitsch

Seriously the film #JohnCarter is #AMAZING ! who doesn’t watch it, well too bad :p #DisneyFilms

Plz flw @HipHoptimum: Taylor Kitsch: ‘It Was Hard On Me’ – F Scott Fitzgerald once told… #JohnCarter #taylorkitsch

Je vien de regarder un film franchement il es ienb #JohnCarter

ust got home from Seeing #THEAMAZINGSPIDERMAN What a Piece of Shit! This movie was worse then #BATTLESHIP and#JOHNCARTER Save your Money.

#JohnCarter pues ma gustado la peli, no se porque dicen que fue un fiasco

Con el tiempo #JohnCarter será una película de culto como otras pelis malditas tipo “Dune”

#JohnCarter no es una peli mala como nos vendieron,solo tuvo una publicidad pésima.No es una obra maestra pero si un buen entretenimento

??? ??#JohnCarter?? ?? ???? ??????? ??? ????? ??????? ??? ???? ?????? ????? ? ???? ?????? ????? Wola ?? ???? … ?

I love that #JohnCarter has a simple, yet exciting story! #goodmovie

The Bloopers Special Feature on the #JohnCarter DVD/Blu-Ray are hilarious!!

Next 3 in my Netflix queue are #TheGrey#SecretWorldofArriety, and#Chronicle. After the so-so #JohnCarter, they better be good!

When I get off I’m watching #JohnCarter over from the beginning

Episodic plot hurt the film too, just like it did to “Watchmen.” Too much jumping around (literally) in a 2 hour movie to care.#johncarter

There’s also a bunch of really odd editing choices which result in jerky, hard-to-follow action scenes. #johncarter

Watching #JohnCarter. What else is there to do on this Friday night in November.

I admit my #JohnCarter review was not great; I wrote it on deadline and was exhausted. I should’ve asked for an extension, but…

Man, #JohnCarter fans are no joke! (Reminder to self: never read internet comments.)

#JohnCarter #3D tonight! I’ll make up my own mind if it’s poor or not but #TaylorKitsch looks good and I like action!

@pvnxg I haven’t seen flash Gordon. So good or bad? The Chick is amazing in it. #johncarter #johncarterofmars

That was 127 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Thank you Walt Fucking Disney. #johncarter

Good question! MT @AspieJourno: If the Star Wars trailer came out today, would the reaction be the same as #JohnCarter?

@LeNoirAuteur That’s funny you saw #JohnCarter right as I did. I didn’t hate it as much as you, but it was cheesy as all get out.

Just watched #JohnCarter 2hrs of my life I’m not getting back absolute crap

Quien cara…coles es #JohnCarter ???… Estoy viendo un especial y tiene una mezcla de furia de titanes con guerra de las galaxias

Acabada #JohnCarter una gran pelicula, pero eso si ahora me ha dado ganas de ver #Avatar jaja

#JohnCarter fans, be sure to join our public forum to share your love for the movie & support sequels.

Pues esta muy bien #JohnCarter yo creia que iba a ser una mierda pero es bastante original!

Its 100 deg. outside. I think tonight Ill watch the copy of #JohnCarterthat I won from @WDWdads . Looking forward to it!

@DisneyMoviesUK Hey, guys, it’s “Woola would FOLLOW you anywhere on Barsoom!” You’re welcome. #JohnCarter#JohnCarter2 #BackToBarsoom

En el salon viendo #JohnCarter por el momebto bastante bien

Plz flw @HipHoptimum: Taylor Kitsch: ‘It Was Hard On Me’ – F Scott Fitzgerald once told… #JohnCarter #taylorkitsch

“Woola would find you anywhere on Barsoom.” Sola, #JohnCarterOut now to own on DVD, blu-ray and digi download

@the_mcgone I suggest they watch the love story I saw last night:#JohnCarter.

Iba a ver #johncarter pero me huele a decepción total de Disney y he pasado…

Bueno despues de ver dos truños seguidos en 2 dias como,#johncarter e #indomable , vamos a probar suerte con#expiaciónmasalladelapasion

Just saw #JohnCarter & it was a really awesome movie. But I have to say that @LynnCollins7 truly took my breath away.

#johncarter – the dumbest film I’ve ever seen. Or slept thru

#JohnCarter was good. I don’t understand why it bombed. Gosh that ending! #muchbetter than #Avatar yet that is #numberone ? People.

I don’t get what all the John Carter hate is/was about. Now I’m sad none of the other books will be realized in film. #johncarter

Late night/early morning lonely movie watching. First up,#JohnCarter

@PlayStationEU I would be buying John Carter from your playstation store right now, if it came with special features. #johncarter #ps3

That Bryan Cranston gets around! Here he is, a big shot in the army in #JohnCarter.

Don’t think one man can change a world??? How about two…just about to re-watch #JohnCarter. Sweet…thanks @DisneyPictures 🙂

#JohnCarter Fact: Wolla is a “Calot” – a large lizard like dog creature who is fiercely protective of John Carter

I think #JohnCarter would have worked more as an animated film, like they originally intended on doing.

I’d give #JohnCarter a B-, or 2 1/2 stars. It certainly won’t bore you, but while the visuals are spectacular everything else is substandard

Plus, Lynne Collins is always awesome. I preferred her in#XMenWolverine, but she was decent in #JohnCarter too

Ok, so #JohnCarter was entertaining besides the bad acting and irrational narrative choices. The visual effects are Oscar worthy.

So glad we bought #JohnCarter such an amazing movie! I’ve always loved the story 🙂

watch #JohnCarter for the many times I had and it still looks so amazing

Is this the same talented actor from Friday Night Lights? Man, Kitsch may be up for a Razzie for #JohnCarter. Acting is pretty bad…

“When I saw you, I believed it was a sign… that something new can come into this world.” #JohnCarter

#JohnCarter was by far one of the best directed movies i have seen and the blot was awesome as well #HandsDown!

Watching #JohnCarter on BluRay. Man, this movie’s ridiculously cheesy but I’m just trying to roll with the punches. W00T for Lynn Collins!

Was watching #JohnCarter with the family and my mum suddenly said “The dog thing in that looks like a penis” … #ScarredForLife

#JohnCarter was actually kind of good, just goes to show you the importance of marketing

Wow! Phenominal movie Disney!! Aside from Avengers, thats the best movie Ive seen in a long time!! #JohnCarter is amazing!

I just watched, or rather suffered through, #JohnCarter. What an absolute piece of crap that was.

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