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Obviously with John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood about to come out, we’re interested in keeping track of who picked up the LA Times Article from 8 September in which Andrew Stanton made his first comments since the release of John Carter.  So here is a roundup of all the coverage.
I thought one article in particular phrased the question well:
From the very beginning, it seemed that Disney had no idea what to do with the property based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ work. At one point, Disney marketed the film as the first live-action film from Pixar, and then eventually changed the title from John Carter of Mars to simply John Carter. But was this just a case of the inability to market to the right audience, or was there something more at work?
I think that this is a valid question, well-stated,  and one that runs through JCGOH.  It’s good that Stanton has decided to speak out a bit about it, although he hasn’t really opened up about the creative choices and whether he would like a “do-over” on any of them.   I think that ultimately there will always be a sense of John Carter having been “the one that got away” — coulda shoulda woulda — and anyone who looks at either the marketing or the film itself in isolation is not going to get close to figuring out what really happened.
Here is all the other coverage.
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DisZineDirector Andrew Stanton Comments on ‘John Carter,’ ‘Finding Nemo 2’DisZineLast spring, Walt Disney Studios released John Carter, a sci-fi film helmed by Pixar director Andrew St more…
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One thought on “Roundup of Media Coverage of Andrew Stanton Talking About John Carter

  • That’s the first time I read that an animated series was also in the works!

    “Hopefully, John Carter will find a new audience on home video. The film has a pulse and personality, which is a rarity in today’s summer blockbuster landscape. It didn’t deserve to get beaten up as much as it did when it was released this past March. Maybe Disney should’ve kept the original title of the film, John Carter of Mars, just to tell people what this film had in store for them. As it stands, John Carter is now the most pirated movie of all-time. That has to say something about its quality, right?”

    Great conclusion!

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