26 October Erbzine is Out . . . Lots of Good Stuff

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October 26, 2012
* ERB Eclectica v2012.10: News, Interviews, Reviews, Photos, Cartoons
* ERB Tarzana Centennial Guide to 19 Web Photo Journals
* Sunday Farewell Breakfast
* Lee Chase – ERB’s step-son: Family Photos and Clippings
* James Spratt’s Illustrated Adaptation of ERB’s Princess of Mars: Ch. 24
* OTRadio: Wyndhams’s “Day of the Triffids” Ch. 3
* CARSON OF VENUS VII: Princess of Venus illustrated by Michael Kaluta
* THE TRIMESTERS OF CASPAK Part 16 by Woodrow Edgar Nichols, Jr.
* Tarzan and La’s Plight Sunday Page Ep. 13 written by Scott Tracy Griffin
* Tarzan and THE COBALT CLAIM – Art by John Celardo 67 daily strips
* Dell and Gold Key Tarzan Comics Navigation Guide
* Tarzan and the Demon Elephant – Gold Key No. 197
* Poster/card collages:
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Lee Chase ERB Family Album
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