iO9: Science Fiction Sequels and Prequels That We Waited Years (or Decades) For

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by Charlie Jane Anders for iO9

Now that Prometheus is out on DVD, we’re all rediscovering Ridley Scott’s long-awaited return to science fiction. Many people were disappointed with Scott’s comeback — but we should have known it would never quite live up to our hopes. Science fiction and fantasy are full of cases of creators who returned to their most famous works after a decade, or even decades, away. Sometimes, these delayed sequels or prequels are terrific, but they’re seldom quite the same as the originals.

Here’s our list of great science fiction and fantasy creators who returned to the works that made them famous after a long delay, of at least a decade.

Ridley Scott took 33 years to come back to the universe of Alien, with the don’t-call-it-a-prequel movie Prometheus. He apparently enjoyed the experience so much, he’s going to make another Prometheus film, plus a sequel to his other great science fiction movie, Blade Runner.

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