• I love performance capture (it’s not animation), but a man walking like an ape, it’s not impressive. If they play the realistic way, I hope they’ll find a way to make it as impressive as Disney did in a cartoonish way.

  • Vines. They always have to go right for the vines. Someday, maybe someone can have him actually swing through the trees like he did in the books?

  • And once more, they got it totally wrong. TARZAN WAS NOT RAISED BY GORILLAS!!! Burroughs always described the tribe of Kerchak as “great apes,” with whom Gorillas (Bolgani) were deadly enemies. Tarzan’s first use of his father’s knife was to kill the gorilla who attacked him at age 12. In another scene, Kerchak’s tribe actually eat a gorilla, something that they would never have done to one of their own.

    Russ Manning always illustrated te great apes as human like creatures with apelike features, totally different from either gorillas or chimps, and Philip Jose Farmer, in his books “Tarzan Alive” and “Lord Of The Trees” described them as a giant species of hominid, something along the lines of the classic “missing link..” They are more intelligent than gorillas, taller (Kerchak was described as being almost 7 feet tall and weighing in excess of 300 pounds) possess a spoken language, are omnivorous, rather than almost exclusively vegetarian the way gorillas are, and, walk erect, not galloping along on all fours like gorillas or chimps. Certainly, neither of those two gentlemen had any input from Burroughs or any of his family, but they are both much more in line with what was described in the Tarzan novels than the Disney version or this new one..

    The art and animation look good, though. I would love to see the John Carter series produced in this format if they would make an honest effort to keep the story in line with the original material rather than “Hollywood-izing” it into something barely recognizable.

  • I’m glad someone said it before me. The environments are very Frazetta ( which is great ) but the the apes fur doesn’t flop and Tarzan’s motions are short cut. I didn’t love it.

  • It looks half-finished.

    That was my thought. The backgrounds are there … but the character work … not so much.

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