Disney Conference Call Re Lucasfilm Acquisition — Transcript

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Here is the Transcript of the Disney Investor Conference Call Re Lucasfilm Acquisition.   Not too many surprises in here, but it’s interesting to grind through it.    Iger’s strategy for acquiring proven franchises is pretty clear by now, but he does offer some additional detail that fleshes out what he’s trying to do.  One comment of note is that they do not at this point envision having Lucasfilm produce non Star Wars branded product.  In other words, the idea that some of the Facebook commenters put forward of Lucasfilm as the new Disney Sci-Fi Production Hub possibly producing a John Carter Sequel at some point doesn’t seem to be in the cards, at least based on current thinking.

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  • “…because Disney respects and understands – probably better than just about anyone else – the importance of iconic characters and what it takes to protect and leverage them effectively to drive growth and create value.” Bob Iger

    Yeah, right… 🙂

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