• Thanks, pascalahad. The comments by Favreau, Chabon, et. al., didn’t ring familiar, so I thought they were from another source. I do know that the 100 year documentary was to be more elaborate than the one presented; Richard Lupoff, for instance, was interviewed but his comments not included.

    Well, perhaps Jon Favreau could pitch to Marvel him directing Gods of Mars …

  • All interviews were indeed included in the DVD featurette, “100 Years in the Making”.

  • I’ll check this out, I am almost certain I saw them in the featurette on the DVD though.

    That’s a great video, seeing the cover of the french edition warmed my heart!! 🙂 Thanks for the awesome work everybody does to promote the movie, I wish I was more technically inclined.

  • Many of those interview clips (with Chabon, Favreau, etc.) were not included in the featurette on the JC disc. Is there an extended version of the featurette available somewhere, or were these clips pulled from another source?

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