A Peek Behind The Scenes at the Cover Art Development for Jane The Woman Who Loved Tarzan

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Gregory Manchess is one of the best contemporary illustrators and his “A Princess of Mars” is one of my favorites.  Back during the pre-release campaign to the release of John Carter I got in touch with Gregory and he agreed to our use of his Princess painting.  I just love the cool, pulpy feel and his concept of both Dejah and Thark anatomy appeal to me a lot.

Well, it turns out Gregory was involved in the development of the Jane The Woman Who Loved Tarzan book cover development, and his concept was quite different from the one that ended up on the finished book.  He has chronicled the whole thing, sharing his sketches and the tale of the whole project, and I want to make sure our readers here get a chance to see what he’s written.

First of all, for reference, here is Gregory’s “A Princess of Mars”:

And then here is the final version of Gregory’s “Jane”.  It reminds me of the original “Return of Tarzan” book cover:

And here is the final “Jane” cover . . .

To hear the tale of how it all came down, click here.


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