John Carter — 100 Years in the Making by Tim Bartholomew

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Back to Barsoomer Tim Bartholomew has put together a full 100 year chronology of John Carter’s journey from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ imagination to cinema screens in 2012 and posted it on his blog, Cinemapots.   Bravo, Tim, for putting in the time and effort to create this and post it.

John Carter 100 years in the making

Original Publication- By ERB

Under the Moons of Mars sold for $400 under the name “Norman Bean.”

First Three books written, Princess of Mars, Gods of Mars and Warlord of Mars.

1918 – Tarzan makes it to film but not his older brother:

Tarzan, because of the low cost and easy access to Earth animals from Africa, has been made into films every generation since his first publication, the first in 1918, starring Elmo Lincoln as Tarzan. Jump to the end for the wikipedia link on the media history of this jungle lord.

In 1918 the first Tarzan silent film

1930’s Early attempts At a John Carter film:The first adaptation of, Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Carter of Mars series began in 1931 with Looney Tunes director Bob Clampett. Clampett approached Edgar Rice Burroughs with the idea of adapting A Princess of Mars into a feature-length animated film. Burroughs was receptive to the idea, due to the obvious limitations a live action film might have. So work began on a six minute proof of concept, which finally completed in 1936. -Youtube Description


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