The John Carter Poster Disney Didn’t Use Wins “Best Special Edition Poster” for 2012

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Not sure how to feel about this one.  It’s good news — but highlights the futility of the Disney John Carter marketing campaign and brings on a rush of “what might have been” emotions.

Internet Movie Poster has voted J.C. Richard’s John Carter poster (the Mondo poster that was only given away at midnight screenings and was not used as a “regular” poster in any of the Disney promotions)  Best Special Edition Poster of 2012.  Here is the accompanying text:

Given away only at special midnight IMAX screenings for the film, this is the kind of imagery that should’ve been used for the main campaign. J. C. Richard’s wonderful artwork shows us the beauty and excitement of a new world, something that was missing from so many of the designs for this film. The focus should’ve been more on Mars and less on the title character. Here, we only get a glimpse of our hero, dwarfed by the great landscape before him.

And here is a nice large version of the poster.

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  • Okay, now that is a great poster. What an insane marketing campaign it was to not make this the main poster.

  • This is the first thing I saw of the movie (in a magazine) and it stopped me in my tracks. Brilliant and poignant but not used in promoting the movie. Shame Disney shame.

  • Yep! That poster carried the quality of “romance” and adventure. Plus, it’s breathtaking. Three things that the American graphic promotion just forgot about altogether.

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