John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood is Free on Amazon for the next 24 hours

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In honor of the one year anniversary of the release of John Carter, John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood is free on Amazon for March 9 only — that’s today, Saturday.  Here is the link to download it for free:  John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood on Amazon.  

By the way, the book is doing pretty well on Amazon. We are up to 84 Customer Reviews with an Average Rating of 4.4, and have been in the Top 3 in our category for the last 6 weeks.

The Free Promo works kind of like a “pump primer” in that the free downloads cause it to rise in the “Free” Bestseller Charts, and then this produces a spike in sales as soon as it goes off of free status, which in turn causes it to rise in the paid charts, which means it gets more love from Amazon search marketing.

So . . . please download it for free….you’ll be helping the cause and you get a free book.

“A fair, factual, and enlightening assessment of what went wrong . . . the best corporate history I’ve read since Disney War.” Daniel Butcher, Between Disney.

“A winning book . . . . I have no reservations in recommending John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood. Even if you only remotely hold an interest in the film or the moviemaking method, do yourself a favor and purchase this book. I cannot remember an instance when I read 350 pages of anything in 24 hours, but my level of captivation in how methodically and interestingly the content was presented should substantiate why John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood is a must-read. Grade A.” Brett Nachman, Geeks of Doom.

“A must read for every fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs and John Carter and every film buff intrigued by the ‘inside baseball’ aspects of modern Hollywood.” Richard A. Lupoff, Author of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Master of Adventure

[The free Amazon promo ends at midnight Pacific Time on March 9, Saturday.]


  • Argh, I blinked and missed the freebie give away.
    That might have been a nice find :0)
    Shame a lot of people found out too late :0(

  • Urge, I blinked and missed to freebie give away.
    Shame a lot of people found out too late :0(

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