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As many of you know,  John Carter Files now has a doppelganger site, Man of Steel 360, reflecting our adoption of the Last Son of Krypton on the grounds that he is the literary descendant of John Carter.   Not that we really needed an excuse — but there it is, in case one is needed.  It’s off to a pretty good start, and I have to say — it’s fun to follow something that’s got real buzz, after suffering through Disney’s Zombie-like promotion of John Carter.    Truth is, I had zero excitement for Man of Steel  until I saw the latest trailer, but that trailer made a believer out of me and now I’m pretty excited.  (I’m embedding that trailer at the bottom of this post for those who may not have seen it.)  Anyway, from time to time I’ll provide links to the stories that are getting posted over there.    Here are some selected recent stories:

Man of Steel Tops Trailer Charts but lags on Twitter, Facebook. Worried?

Five Man of Steel Fan Trailers Worth Watching

Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel Soundtrack — Product Details Released 

Some Interesting Man of Steel Posters from the UK

Reflections on Superman’s Jewish Roots by Rabbi Simcha Weinstein 

Q and A with Man of Steel Screenwriter David Goyer


  • “Were the contrians only contrary because Carter was a flop and they were embarrassed, and this one looks like a winner right now.”

    It’s hard to say Bob. I thought the new trailer looked good but some of the comments made by Snyder and company has me feeling we’ll get Mopey Kent, brother to Mopey Carter.

    As for Carter being a flop, I was contrarian long before it flopped when I heard shape shifting Therns and Stanton’s dismissal of the books and ERB fans. The film flopping was just another sad part of the story, only proving that Disney and Stanton were not the right people to make John Carter of Mars.

    Besides if Man of Steel doesn’t live up, there’s enough Superman to choose from. For me it will always be Christopher Reeve, who showed what you could do when you get the right director, script and spirit-a winner. (In fact Mopey Carter could be seen as the Bizarro World version of Superman, showing what happens when you get the wrong director, a bad script and an actor who believes being sullen is appealing).

  • I hope this turns out to be a good film but another comic book movie is not that enticing to me. Zach’s track record so far is 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch. My favorite of those three is actually Sucker Punch, of which, I am probably one of the three people who liked that movie in America. I did enjoy Watchmen quite a bit, but would have prefered the original ending. 300 was too much green screen to be believable, sort of like Sky Captain, and the macho eroticism was so heavy you could cut it with a knife.

    To my eyes, the Krypton scenes have that flat green screen look. And, where are all the indignant contrarians now ? This looks like nothing but changes to the original superman. The uniform has changed, the color palette is no longer primary colors, no kryptonite, no superboy as his parents want him to hide his powers, he is still going to be angst-ing until his early twenties until he finds himself and becomes Superman. Good lord, am I going to be the MCR for this movie. lol Were the contrians only contrary because Carter was a flop and they were embarrassed, and this one looks like a winner right now.

    Seriously, although I am not that interested in this particular film, I hope that it is good film. The summer sci fi block buster that I am pinning my hopes on is Elysium in August. Oblivion, I gave a try, but it was so derivitive that it left me stone cold, The commercial for After Earth, in and of itself, was enough to turn me off that movie. Star Trek will be fun, but an hour later you will be hungry again, as with all superficial JJ Abrahm’s films, although I thought Super 8 was his best film so far, even though it was totally derived from Spielberg, so maybe he is improving. This Friday brings Iron Man 3 and the summer is officially under way.

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