Astronaut ‘Picker Chris Hadfield is my newest hero . . . .and his music video may be one of the best ever

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As a one-time quasi-professional guitar picker who gave up doing it professionally several lifetimes ago (er ….. that should be “failed to make it professionally”)  but has tried to keep it up over the years — I am just in awe and amazed by the artistry of astronaut (and International Space Station Commander!)  Chris Hadfield who music video cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity Youtubed down from the ISS absolutely rocks.   The vocals and guitar were recorded on the International Space Station, and the rest of the music was recorded down here on earth.  The video is produced by Hadfield’s son Evan,  and edited by Andrew Tidby. Oh — and Hadfield and fellow astronauts Roman Romanenko and Thomas Marshburn just landed safely in Kazakhstan — so Hadfield’s mission turned out a little better than  Major Tom’s.

But seriously folks….this is just beyond awesome. Watch.  And remember — those aren’t special effects.  They are the real deal.

And here is an article on the safe return to earth and more about Hadfield.

And this one:  Ten Things About Chris Hadfield


  • Loved that. Perfect setting for that song and thank God this one had a happy ending.

    I think the the “turn around jump shot” picture of the whole Earth from the moon voyages are the most important image of the last century. Like the saying goes, “A fish only becomes aware of water when it isn’t in it anymore.” I had hoped that on some level, we as people would some how realize we are all citizens of this planet and it is so fricken’ beautiful that we might show it a little more respect and be trying to perserve it and enjoy it, not be fighting amongest ourselves and polluting the crap out of it. I like to snorkle and about twenty years ago I snorkled a real, full color, National Geographic worthy, living coral reef. I have been chasing that experience all over the Carribbean for the last 10 years and it is gone, gone, gone.
    There are still fish, but ocean floor looks all bleached out now like a lunar landscape. It is the crime of the century.

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