Margot Robbie Gets a LIttle Friendly Press for Tarzan

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It’s not exactly a major breakthrough, but Margot Robbie has managed to create a minor bit of positivity by posting on her Instagram a video of her swinging on a vine and plunking into the water on the Philippine Island of Bohol. Thanks for that, Margot! And by the way, I used to go to Bohol all the time and even ate bats there in one of the local rainforest towns. (There’s a para about this silliness after the video.)

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Bohol Chocolate Hills
Bohol is an island in the central Philippines that is famous for its “Chocolate Hills” (see pic below) and beautiful rainforests and beaches. During my early years in the Philippines, I traveled there many times with Ramon Binnamira, the founder of Ilaw Ng Buhay which today exists as the Bohol Local Development Foundation. On one of the trips, we were in one of the interior towns in the rainforest and the mayor joked to me that they liked to eat bats — (actually flying foxes) — and when I told him I’d be happy to eat bats with him one day, he promised to create the opportunity. A few weeks later an invitation came to me in Manila, and so we coordinated the next trip to Bohol so that I could go back to the town for a bat-feast.
Bohol BAts

How big are these bats?

Wingspan is usually about 2-3 feet, but some specimens with 5-6 foot wingspans have been seen. Here’s one such.
Big Bat

Cooking them is not easy. They have sebaceous glands that will foul the meat if you don’t carefully remove them. But once these glands are removed, the flesh is not bad — pretty similar to any small game. They eat fruit, which contributes to the flavor being good. And there are hundred thousands if not millions of them in the forests not only on Bohol, but elsewhere in the Philippines. They roost in trees, not caves.
Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.03.06 AM

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  • I still think Margot Robbie is the real casting coup of Tarzan. Her Harley Quinn was the real draw of the Suicide Squad trailer, and she was mesmerizing in The Wolf of Wall Street. She’s potentially our next Sharon Stone… without even having to take her clothes off! I haven’t seen such instant charisma from an actress in quite a long time.

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