“Very good!” — first comments on an advance viewing of the Tarzan 2016 trailer

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This is pretty thin soup, but given the recent run of bad news for WB’s Tarzan, I figured this is worth sharing. On the Internet Movie Data Base message board for Tarzan 2016, one of the commenters who goes by dspisepic posted the following:

Ive seen the trailer, looks really well made and should be a great popcorn flick, it should be released along with Force Awakens or soon after.

Asked how he had ome to see it, he replied:

I review unreleased trailers for movies and let movie studios know what I thought of them. I’m under an NDA with every trailer so I cannot talk about what I saw in the trailer, all I can say is that it was very good.

There is of course no real way to authenticate, but I checked out his profile and other postings, and based on that and the fact that studios do in fact have indiividuals and focus groups review trailers — I decided to share.

Hoping he’s right!

Here’s the link and thanks to Rick Barry for alerting me to this.


  • They just released a logo for Fantastic Beasts. Why can’t we have a Tarzan logo at least?

    Anyway, just checked the Imdb listing, and there’s an actor cast as Archimedes Porter! Neat! 😉

  • 410 M? How coudl they spend that much? Hmmmm…. curious to see how that goes. The thing is, when they spend crazy money on an established franchise I guess it doesn’t seem so crazy…..still….

  • Oh my, if only it could be attached to The Force Awakens, talk about maximum exposition! Warner should make it good, and not forget bits of humor, people are tired of grim movies.

    Talking about grim movies, did you see that the “inside source” at Warner told the Batman v Superman movie had a 410M budget? Not such negativity as in the Tarzan articles though, except in some comments… Budgets for movie seem to be quite unreliable today. (would have Disney say that a 1.4 billion dollar gross for Avengers 2 was a disappointment had it cost only 250M$ to make?)

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