ComicVine Interviews Ron Marz on Drawing John Carter and the Character’s Challenges

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There’s a nice interview of comic writer Ron Marz, who has written for Marvel, DC,  Top Crow, and Dynamite..  You can follow Ron —  @ronmarz on Twitter.  Thanks to Mikey Dean for the tip on this one:

Mark Waid asks Ron Marz some questions about his Dynamite series.

Mark Waid, writer of Justice Inc.: The Avenger #6, talks with comic writer Ron Marz about John Carter: Warlord of Mars #13, both on sale Nov. 25th.

MARK WAID: What appeals to you about John Carter?

RON MARZ: I think what grabbed me when I first read the novels as a kid was the sense of wonder and discovery.Burroughs had an unparalleled imagination, so everything was fantastic in the true sense of the word. That, coupled with breakneck pacing, is impossible to resist when you’re 11 years old. It’s stayed with me ever since. And, when you get right down to it, John’s got a pretty hot girlfriend.

MW: What motivates him? What is his greatest challenge?

RM: The short answer is he’s motivated by love of his princess, Dejah Thoris. He does what he does for her, always for her. But I think the larger answer is that he’s motivated by honor, by doing the right thing. Compared to a lot of contemporary heroes, John Carteris a throwback. He does the right thing because it’s the right thing, not because he’s driven by guilt or angst, or because there’s something to be gained. John’s greatest challenge is a little tougher, because he’s a virtual superman on Mars. That’s why I gave him an opposite number in my first arc on the series, a Union cavalry officer who is John’s equal on Mars.

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