Slighted Crazed but Very Interesting Legend of Tarzan Trailer Review (plus a few more . . .)

A1, Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

This is not only pretty hilarious — the reviewer (Mike from We Watched A Movie) takes us through the whole throught process that I think a lot of people are going through right now. He begins by lamenting the fact that no one wants a Tarzan movie; they shouldn’t have spent $180M on a Tarzan movie; he seems outraged about it.

Also this is different from the “Trailer Reaction” videos … this is not live while he watches it — he’s gone away, thought about it, and is giving a review. ‘Nuff said.

Here is another one …. shot by shot review

And another one, this one from HitFix


  • Loved Grace Randolph’s Shot by Shot Review so much that I went to the YouTube site and checked out the comments. I was VERY pleased that there were A LOT of commenters who actually knew that 1) the character was not invented by Disney, 2) understood that Tarzan was Lord Greystoke coming back to the jungle, and 3) that he had a clean face because he shaved with his father’s knife. Those weren’t the only intelligent comments… Though Grace got a number of things wrong about the movie and the canon, she definitely has the most intelligent and thoughtful take on the trailer. I was happy to watch all 23 minutes of it. Thanks for putting it up, Dotar.

  • Mike’s contribution is truly hilarious. Thanks for that one. Grace’s comments were more thoughtful and insightful and heher commentary will go a long way towards explaining what’s going on to the uninitiated who may be totally confused. Fandemonium’s commentators seemed far more caught up in Sarsgard’s abs and his career goal,which seemed to really confuse them. I guess they are seeking to pigeon hole actors and their careers by their movie choices and since they can’t do that with Alex it mystifies them to the degree that they can’t comment rationally on the trailer. As for his abs. They were indeed on prominent display in the stills but not so much in the trailer. I thought it was a smart choice by the marketing dept to show how ripped Skarsgard was as Tarzan since a lot of the objection to him playing this part was his look seen by many as way to skinny. These viewers were offended by that marketing decision and became so preoccupied by the abs on display in the stills that again they couldn’t focus on the events shown in the trailer. Mike was funnier with his preoccupation with the budget. To her credit,the moderator tried to keep getting back to the trailer and her impression of the movie but the other two were no help at all.

  • It seems that Grace Tandolph rightfully identified the shots that were taken from the youth of Tarzan, the lighting is indeed very different in those scenes. It reminds me that the Imdb reviewer said that the flashback scenes had more vibrant colors, if I remember correctly, as if memories embellished the facts.

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