Sci Fi Reality: SPACEX Sticks Another Landing

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As a sci-fi geek who grew up dreaming of sci-fi becoming reality — every time SPACEX sticks another re-entry rocket landing I just feel like standing up and cheering. Elon Musk is one awesome gazillionaire to have put this together. He feels like a character from Heinlein or Asimov.  Here’s this private shop, showing up NASA for sure.  These guys are my neighbors, by the way. I drive past SPACEX every day on my way to work and I see all the cool geeks in their cargo shorts and t-shirts walking in to work from their parking lot  —  and it really tugs at me, wish I were 25 and working there.Look at these guys doing the broadcast — I wanna be one of them. Can I go back and start over please?  No?  Guess not, huh?  <sigh/>

This landing is particularly awesome because it was a launch into a geo-synchronous orbit rather than a low earth orbit, and that means that the rocket re-enters at twice the speed, making the whole task of landing it on the platform that much harder. So cool.

Here’s the whole webcast, but I’ve cued it for the landing.

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