Stanton Teases a John Carter “Special Event in the Fall” ?

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On Twitter today Andrew Stanton was asked if there was any hope for a John Carter sequel, and while his answer was not encouraging to sequel-seekers, he did tease a “special event in the fall” . . . . wonder what it might be?



  • They have scheduled “John Carter” to be shown on Disney Plus. Maybe that will raise some new interest in the subject, only if it might be something like aa animated version. I would be happy with that if the quality were at least on a par with some of the animated superhero movies I’ve seen lately.

  • A lot of people have become fans of the movie since its release on DVD (which I felt still captured the essence of the books). My guess is another studio will invest in a sequel or JC comes to the small screen as Jim Sullos has suggested.

  • The only thing I can think of would be an extended cut . . . but I can’t see Disney putting in the money to finish the CGI in the scenes that would be added. (Extended cut would correspond to 1, except I doubt there is more crispy wife footage . . . .)

    Actually, a really interesting exercise would be to do a cut of the movie that that de-emphasizes the “mopey” factor and adds a greater sense of wonder and appreciation for Barsoom. That’s the kind of thing that an editorial pass, with access to all the footage, could greatly change the way the movie plays. Alas, no one will get a chance to do that. But you could manufacture the “moments of wonder” and “de-mopify” by just dropping some dialogue lines letting some of the more positive moments between JC and Dejah breathe a little more. Anyway, this is just idle chatter. It will never happen. I would love to have a week or two in the editing room to play with it, though . . . . .

  • Let’s see “special event.” Well that could be any number of things:

    1. Announcement of an even mopier cut of John Carter, with a 100 percent more moping, dead crispy wives and boring Sith-Therns!

    2. A special screening for select members of the Stanton cult, complete with rituals and burning Disney executives in effigy.

    3. Release of footage of Stanton throwing ERB’s books into a roaring fire since we know how he feels about them.

    4. An apology for making this disaster and promise to never again make a movie from a book he claims to be a fan of.

    Any other thoughts?

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