Mystery: Legend of Tarzan Posts $20M New Foreign Income but Is Left Out of Domestic Weekend Charts


So, the good news — Box Office Mojo has posted another $21M in foreign revenue for Legend of Tarzan, bringing its foreign total to 211M and its global to $334M.  But there’s a mystery as far as domestic is concerned. I first started noticing this yesterday — when I checked Box Office Mojo and Deadline and not only was there no mention of Legend of Tarzan in the article on Deadline, but neither showed LOT in the weekend charts.  So the global total of $334M does not count this weekend in the US, which should be in the $1.2-$1.4M range.  That puts the global gross at 1.85x the supposed budget of $180m — inching close to the “global box office = 2x budget” threshold for a film to at least earn the reputation of “probably eventually profitable” and hence, maybe, sequel-worthy.

Regarding the fact that LOT is missing from the charts — I thought it was strange when LOT was left out of the Deadline update chart yesterday — and stranger still when today, the regular Sunday reports came out — and again — no mention of Legend of Tarzan and it is absent from the Box Office Mojo and Deadline weekend charts. Think I’m kidding?  Here is Box Office Mojo’s Weekend Chart.  Legend of Tarzan belongs in 13th position, ahead of Hillary’s America and close to Cafe Society. But it’s absent from the chart altogether.  And the chart tracks down all the way to number 36, a film which did only $1,000 total this weekend.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 10.31.18 AM


A look at the Legend of Tarzan daily chart  shows that the last update for LOT was Thursday.  Here is the chart, ending on Aug 4 — when we should be seeing Aug 5,6,7:

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 10.36.23 AM


Oh well. . . .

In all my years of box office watching, I’ve never seen that happen. I assume what will happen is, later today, LOT will be updated and then inserted into the master chart.  For now, we have the foreign update but not the domestic. Strange.