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With Finding Dory, one of the year’s biggest hits, out on disc as of Nov. 15, Andrew Stanton has resurfaced to talk all things fish, Pixar, and yes, John Carter! The special event hinted at over the summer, which was to include the spilling of Barsoomian beans, is still in the works. Much to the continued chagrin of “John Carter” fans, Stanton’s sequels do not appear to be materializing, though there is the promise of closure on the horizon.

“I will always mourn the fact that I didn’t get to make the other two films I planned for that series. John Carter was the only time I’ve ever planned out more than one film at the same time. There were three movies I planned to make, and there may be an event we do in which I pitch the other two and we show John Carter again in IMAX — maybe next year. I’d like to preserve all of that and let it be time-capsuled and then we can all move on.”

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  • Only now seeing this update!!

    I’m very much looking forward to Andrew Stanton getting a chance to talk us through his vision of the next two films in his planned trilogy.

    Will be interesting to see if there is an uptick in general interest, seeing as I’m constantly hearing of people who have recently discovered the film on video, and are now among us who are singing the film’s praises.

    And, again–thank you, Andrew Stanton, for bringing Barsoom to the screen with such love and thoughtfulness!!

  • Please now. Barsoom is better off without more Stanton and his misguided vision. Besides based on his first movie the sequels probably would have the First Born as fire-breathing lizard robots, more whining from Carter, painful Thark comedy and the big reveal that Matai Shang is Carter’s father (or his father’s brother’s cousin’s former roommate).

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