New Art Scans from “A Princess of Mars” Deluxe Manuscript Edition, which ships Jan 9

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Just got word from Jim Gerlach and ERB Books that the Deluxe Manuscript Edition of A Princess of Mars is ready to ship, and will go out on January 9, which is two days from now.  I’ve posted about this previously — looks like an amazing labor of love.  Jim and company have added a bunch of new images on the landing page at  Give it a click and see.  Also here’s the link to the store page where I’m told there are still a few of the signed limited edition units available.  A Princess of Mars Deluxe Manuscript Edition — Store Link.

I’m all about “labor of love” creative projects — for sure that’s what this site and John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood were/are.  It’s really clear that this project falls into that category — many thanks to Jim and his folks for doing this. Very special.

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