“John Carter” Director Andrew Stanton Describes His Plan For “Gods” and “Warlord”

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Andrew Stanton (wearing the blue lanyard in the Comic Con 2022 panel image which also features Chad Stahelski and Keanu Reeves) gave the most thorough description we have yet received regarding the plots of the once-planned sequels to “John Carter.” Indications about his approach to the sequels have been dropped in the past, specifically back in March during the wave of 10-year-anniversary articles, but not nearly with the detail of the synopses he shared during Collider’s “Directors on Directing” panel on July 22. His plot summaries are quite spoilery and should provide some satisfaction to “John Carter” fans who hoped to see Stanton’s trilogy brought to completion on the screen.

It would have been an exciting trilogy, with similar proportions of the visions of Burroughs and Stanton as seen in the first film. Thank you, Andrew, for your ongoing passion for the brilliance of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom! May it some day pay off in more realizations of ERB’s incomparable world onscreen for all of us to enjoy!

Read the full synopses at: https://collider.com/john-carter-sequels-andrew-stanton-comments-sdcc/


  • John Carter was one of the best films ever made. One of the best films I have ever seen!! I would love to see the Gods of Mars and the Warlord of mars made.

  • Larry, that would be cool.

    Unfortunately, given the time that has passed and the fact that Stanton is comfortable publicly revealing the plot details, we must conclude that summary descriptions of what he had planned for the sequels is the most we will ever get in that regard.

    It was very encouraging to “John Carter” fans to see so much positive, image-restoring press for the film during the ten-year anniversary several months ago. After the initial release in March of 2012, there was a period of “box office bomb” schadenfreude articles in the press that had more to do with gloating over the misfortunes of Disney and seeing perceived industry hubris eat some humble pie, rather than issues with the quality of the film itself. But after those first sensationalist months, the overwhelming tone of the press for the film over the last decade has been appreciation, support, and a collective sense of “what could have been.” People really enjoyed the film, and they loved ERB’s world of Barsoom.

    Though every indication is that there will not be any further Barsoom films from Stanton and Disney, every positive mention of “John Carter” and of the ERB “A Princess of Mars” source material improves the chances of us seeing another onscreen adaptation of Barsoom in the future, by different creators with their own take on the adaptation.

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