ERB and JRRT: Craftsmen of the Modern Imagination

Tweet JRR Tolkien’s birthday on January 3 elicited a reminder from ERB scholar Jess Terrell about an article I had written for the Fall 2017 edition of the ERB-APA journal.¬† […]

Returning to the Source

TweetA review of a recent science-fiction video game included the following comment about a classic novel that we’re into around here. ūüėȬ† (Thank you, Scott Tracy Griffin, for sharing your […]

Solutions for the Fading Cinema Experience – More Barsoom! ;-)

TweetAn online discussion about the business aspects of Hollywood yielded the following link: I found it to be a cool resource. From it, I gather that over fifty percent […]

Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Legacy of Mars

TweetWhat is required¬†for an idea to¬†flourish and change¬†the destiny of a person, a society, or a species?¬† For a case study, we need look no further than a¬†neighboring planet¬†in¬†our solar […]

Marketing the Legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars

TweetThe trick with including the legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars books in the marketing of a John Carter/Barsoom reboot is to inform people about¬†the legacy¬†in a way that creates […]

John Carter of the Round Table by Abraham Sherman

TweetFROM THE ARCHIVES: A while back I took a closer look at Disney’s “John Carter” through the lens of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ original novel, with an eye toward a reboot.¬† […]