“John Carter” Director Andrew Stanton Describes His Plan For “Gods” and “Warlord”

TweetAndrew Stanton (wearing the blue lanyard in the Comic Con 2022 panel image which also features Chad Stahelski and Keanu Reeves) gave the most thorough description we have yet received […]

ERB and JRRT: Craftsmen of the Modern Imagination

Tweethttp://www.erbzine.com/mag67/6795.html JRR Tolkien’s birthday on January 3 elicited a reminder from ERB scholar Jess Terrell about an article I had written for the Fall 2017 edition of the ERB-APA journal.¬† […]

Returning to the Source

TweetA review of a recent science-fiction video game included the following comment about a classic novel that we’re into around here. ūüėȬ† (Thank you, Scott Tracy Griffin, for sharing your […]

Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Legacy of Mars

TweetWhat is required¬†for an idea to¬†flourish and change¬†the destiny of a person, a society, or a species?¬† For a case study, we need look no further than a¬†neighboring planet¬†in¬†our solar […]