“John Carter” Director Andrew Stanton Describes His Plan For “Gods” and “Warlord”

TweetAndrew Stanton (wearing the blue lanyard in the Comic Con 2022 panel image which also features Chad Stahelski and Keanu Reeves) gave the most thorough description we have yet received […]

Erbzine’s Birthday Tributes to Edgar Rice Burroughs

TweetA Day to Remember: September 1, 1875 A Colour Portraits: http://www.edgarriceburroughs.ca/bio/ebcolor9.jpg http://www.erbzine.com/mag20/ebprat.jpg More Portraits: http://www.edgarriceburroughs.ca/bio/photos.html http://www.ERBzine.com/cards/erball.jpg A Timeline of ERB’s “Other Burroughs” http://www.erbzine.com/mag0/0051.html An Official Mini-Bio http://www.edgarriceburroughs.ca/bio/ More Biographical Sketches […]