Video: The John Carter Fan Trailer

The Curious Case of the “John Carter Fan Trailer”

Although Burroughs’ most famous creation “Tarzan” made it to cinemas beginnng in 1918 with more than 40 Tarzan films eventually being produced, his other great creation “John Carter” resisted efforts at cinematic interpretation in large part because Burroughs’ imagination exceeded the technical capacity of Hollywood to realize on the screen.  As early as 1936 famed animation director Bob Clampett had developed an animated John Carter of Mars that came close to being the first animated feature film.  The film was later famously developed and abandoned by Disney in the 1990’s, Paramount in the early 2000’s, before Disney re-acquired the rights and made the film that is to be released in 2012.

Like all Edgar Rice Burroughs enthusiasts, the ERB film-makers are following with great interest the progress of Disney’s John Carter, which is the culmination of a century of prior efforts to bring Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Martian series to the cinema.

In February 2012, at a time when there was considerable debate in the industy over whether Disney was effectively promoting the upcoming “John Carter” film, the film-makers became the subject of considerable media attention when they edited and uploaded to YouTube  a “John Carter Fan Trailer” .  The  “Fan Trailer” went viral and became a focus of media and fan attention during the final weeks prior to the release of Disney’s “John Carter” .

The media spotlight on the “fan trailer”  began when “John Carter”  Director Andrew Stanton tweeted: “Great fan trailer! They get it!” and linked to the trailer.  The next day, Ain’t It Cool News posted an article and embed of the trailer with headline: A Fan-Made Trailer Sells JOHN CARTER better than any other trailer so far. A few hours later similar stories and embeds appeared on ColliderSlashfilmBadass DigestFilm School Rejects and others. It then spread to more blogs — a total of more than 200 — as well as mainstream media publications including Wired (Fan Trailer for John Carter Tops Studios Best Efforts) , Entertainment Weekly (John Carter Fan Trailer: Okay, this has to get you excited!) , The Hollywood Reporter, (Fan Made Trailer for John Carter could be better than studio original) nd the Los Angeles Times (Fans Create unofficial new trailer for John Carter).  In the first three days after Stanton’s tweet, the trailer received 100,000 views on YouTube and became a significant part of the conversation about the movie.

Here is the John Carter Fan Trailer, which was created on February 5, 2012 by film-makers Michael D. Sellers and Mark Linthicum by downloading all of the previously released Disney John Carter Footage including 3 Trailers, 6 TV spots, and more than a dozen featurettes, and the using this as the basis to create a new trailer.  Beneath the trailer are Youtube Comments as of February 25, 2012.

Youtube Comments as of Feb 25, 2012

  • Nice Job.

    tvfilm 29 minutes ago

  • Holy crap, that was awesome! I did have an interest in seeing the movie after watching the official trailers, but now? I’m seriously EXCITED about it! You’ve got some real talent, there.

    Aestraya 2 hours ago

  • Finally, I know that I actually want to go and watch this film.

    retsamys 3 hours ago

  • I’m seriously going to see the movie now, after watching this trailer!

    ricky93100 8 hours ago

  • Amazing. Absolutely sells the movie better than all the studio trailers combined.

    AdamNowak 12 hours ago

  • I said this on the EW boards, you really should be working in the industry cutting trailers. I had a passing interest in checking it out because I read the book a long time ago, but ever since checking this out a few days ago, I can’t wait to see it. I even started re-reading it. Seriously, amazing job. Please keep up the stellar work!

    joeybags79 12 hours ago

  • Disney marketing sucks all the balls ever. Seriously. As an ad man and a marketing guy, THIS got more people likely to see a Disney film than their mish mash marketing so far, which SUCKS. Seriously, wtf? Don Draper would be kicking asses at Disney over this – this trailer is more engaging (and btw the led zeppelin touch – winning!) and FRAK!

    Whoever you are you have a future in the business. The “official” trailer would have earned a boot “occupying” my ass.

    njudahchronicles 13 hours ago

  • Congrats on making the trailer that should of been aired. In swoop you have showed Disney how it should of been done…

    Helmkat 15 hours ago

  • Better than Disney’s waste of money Superbowl spot.


    fluxfire01 17 hours ago

  • Yeah, I actually thought the first 15 or so seconds of the video were from a different movie. I’ve never read the books and had no idea what the story was or if there even was one. Now I do, and I’d really like to see this movie. Great work!

    casaldi80 18 hours ago

  • YES!!!!!!

    o000000hh YES!!!

    GanjaMunchman 21 hours ago

  • Disney should hire you to do trailers for this movie and others.


    thittatto 22 hours ago

  • This is the best trailer I’ve seen so far… Shame on Disney for doing such a piss poor job of promoting this movie!!!! This is one of the greatest works of fiction that a lot of people have not read or heard about. This trailer should be taken up by Disney and distributed!!!!1

    ShadowPat 1 day ago

  • Really nice ;D

    and led zeppelin 😉

    DAKAGUnit 1 day ago

  • Well done. I really hope this highlights how incompetently this movies marketing has been handled.

    swkirkman 1 day ago

  • Perfectly done remix and definitely the way Disney should have been advertising the film.

    phaota 1 day ago

  • Comment removed

    JohnCarterVideos 1 day ago

  • Dude, this is by far the best trailer out there. Good work my friend. I hope you get a gig at a major studio because of this!

    kreshjun 1 day ago 3 

  • A much better trailer. I’m gonna be posting this on my film site later.

    lvl54spacemonkey 1 day ago

  • so you are telling that this is a FANmade trailer?

    TheDarkAngelVEVO 1 day ago

  • This is why I’m actually interested in seeing this movie… Nothing else I’ve seen was at all intriguing.

    WartingWafer 1 day ago

  • could somebody ID the music that begins at 0:56?

    cufflink44 1 day ago

  • @cufflink44 sounds like Led Zepplin – Kashmir to me…

    ryaninweho 1 day ago

  • @ryaninweho Yup, that’s it. Thanks!!

    cufflink44 1 day ago

  • This has been flagged as spam show

    JohnCarterVideos 1 day ago

  • everyone should see this trailer! it’s crazy how much a difference it makes in how the movie seems!

    netholor 1 day ago

  • this movie is gong to flop hard, but this trailer is much better than the official one. Disney should release this if they have any hope of this movie succeeding

    creejay 1 day ago

  • @creejay it wont flop if people go and see it, I suggest you go see the film in theaters! hey if its goign to flop . . . at least the theater wont be crowded!

    Ralokone 1 day ago

  • Studio’s buy into crap advertising firms sell THEM so they can essentially wet their nethers while not actually thinking about real customers or movie-goers. I’ve watched documentaries on it and it’s hilarious how self-serious they are and how they become so consumed by the perspective of people are commodities and that there are secret formulas. It’s really not complicated, just do what this shit did, for free compared to the crap “professional” trailer companies have put out.

    bobino2468 1 day ago 10 

  • @35Cory85 really bro? you realize that you wouldnt be able to see earth from mars’ night right?

    only in the evenings and mornings during certain parts of the year, and even then only briefly.

    you know why! because when it is night the sun doesnt go out!!!!!!!! the planet is facing the opposite direction away from the sun! you are standing on the part looking directly away from mars!

    admittedly, Burroughs made this error a few times in his work – _ –


    Ralokone 1 day ago

  • Truly great job, I’m really hoping the audience gives this movie a chance. The trailers have not done a great job but this is first class. Well done

    rutts77 1 day ago

  • I laughed at the official trailer but THIS one actually makes me want to see it now!

    sark0101 1 day ago

  • This is better than the studio trailer by far. I will see this film because of this.

    Scarn3 2 days ago

  • Wow. Now that I know what it’s about, I’m going to go see it. Thanks. Fantastically executed trailer btw.

    NellaTorre 2 days ago

  • Excellent trailer, as many have said, a much better job than the official, kudos!

    GentleshawWildlife 2 days ago 6 

  • This trailer is way better than the official ones that have been released.

    dormill 2 days ago

  • Much better than the official ones, but it needs “From/By the creator of Tarzan” to top it off.

    radabon 2 days ago

  • get this guy a job at Disney.

    keewatin427 2 days ago

  • The only change I would make is to the text on the second card. Should say “THE EPIC TALE THAT INSPIRED 100 YEARS OF SCIENCE FICTION” to be more accurate. Otherwise this trailer is PERFECT! I really hope Disney takes up and saves the marketing for this film in the next couple weeks!

    jasonhalverson 2 days ago

  • Now, THAT’S how it should’ve been sold. To be fair, was expecting the “…Of Mars” to appear at the end but, I guess, we can’t have it all. Excellent work. “…you’ve done a Man’s job, Sir.”

    ukdeejay 2 days ago

  • Great trailer, that Gabriel track gives me goosebumps…

    I say Disney, bring back the ‘of Mars’ tagline too 🙂

    PoliteElliot 2 days ago

  • @JohnCarterFiles There are also giant weird I doubt they are going for scientific accuracy

    wildone106 2 days ago

  • Now THIS is the trailer the movie deserves!

    ricky93100 2 days ago

  • Read that Disney cut out all Civil War and Mars mentions in the John Carter marketing after Cowboys and Aliens tanked so hard. Blame Favreau.


    ChicagoBankster 2 days ago

  • Yep, way better than the official ones.

    mbmhs 2 days ago

  • SO much better than any of the official trailers!

    rayx3025 2 days ago

  • Disney has goddamn monkeys making trailers… this is brilliant.

    anubhavdasgupta2312 2 days ago 2 

  • Yeah, this is the one trailer that actually makes me itch to see it. Before, i only wanted to see it because ive read the books and wanted to give it a shot.

    jahoodunrama 2 days ago

  • ooooh I can’t wait to see this!! Even though the 3D for it sucks (looks veeeery converted) I still can’t wait to see it

    MrOiManDudeGuy 2 days ago

  • @MrOiManDudeGuy No one even saw 3D of John Carter yet, if ur talking about that 3D trailer on youtube, that one is fake.

    JohnCarterVideos 2 days ago

  • @JohnCarterVideos um, yes I DID see the 3D trailer and the 3D was shit, so I have no idea what you’re talking about (and no it wasn’t on youtube, it was IN a fucking theater)

    nevertheless, the movie still looks awesome. just the 3D is shit is all I’m saying

    MrOiManDudeGuy 19 hours ago

  • @MrOiManDudeGuy umadbro? i’m just now finding this out that it was in front of star wars episode 1 in 3D

    JohnCarterVideos 19 hours ago

  • Thus proving that Disney sucks at making trailers. They should fire the people who made their official trailers and hire the guy that made this. The film looked silly; something for little kids from what Disney’s trailers showed. Now it actually looks like a good film.

    dorain1 2 days ago 4 

  • This, this is the movie I want to see! Not what the other trailers have revealed. And this comes from a fan of the source material. Great job!

    debrakpeterson 2 days ago

  • amazing trailer! I didn’t want to see the movie before but this trailer makes it look so much better now that I have a better idea of the story!

    cobb829 2 days ago

  • Yes! Been waiting for something like this.

    NoliMeCalcare86 2 days ago

  • Comment removed

    costiq 2 days ago

  • Why Disney are shooting themselves in the foot, it’s a mystery…” John Carter of Mars” sounded tons better and the JCM logo that still appeared in the previous trailer added a plus value.

    costiq 2 days ago

  • Andrew Stanton tweeted this and said “They got it!”

    MrBlockishMark 2 days ago

  • oh, you made this movie look interesting. nice job

    Bratmonkey 2 days ago

  • Thanks to you I may actually see this movie now. You did a great job making this trailer.

    speedigy 2 days ago

  • Excellent trailer! I keep sticking up for this film because I love the source material and cannot stand the hack job they are doing marketing this film.

    vizigothe 2 days ago 4 

  • Thank you for giving us the trailer we’ve been waiting for.

    KesselRunner606 2 days ago

  • Wow. NOW I actually want to see this movie!

    thericketandoo 2 days ago

  • You should be very proud of this. An incredible trailer. You have an eye for marketing and I hope Disney takes notice.

    stevendavishoops613 2 days ago

  • Like a different movie O.o BUT HOW!!!!!

    RoshWilliams 2 days ago

  • Whoever made this should ask Disney for a job doing trailers…it’s better then the one they made.

    bigfoot799 2 days ago

  • Great job explaining the story! This is way better than the official trailers.


    scionofgrace 2 days ago

  • more in interesting this way !!now ill go see it !!

    fire the marketing team


    mouserorignal 2 days ago

  • What I like about this trailer is that it hints at more of the unexplained aspect of the original novel-

    John Carter’s travel between two worlds, his “death” on Earth and subsequent arrival on Barsoom, how he remembers no childhood and never seems to age. I’ve dreamed of a movie like this since reading the original trilogy – A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars and The Warlord of Mars, in the early 1960s. Edgar Rice Burroughs would be proud!

    jdj1951 2 days ago

  • I congratulate you, much better epic feel and undestanding of the potential of the movie.

    ceta1978 2 days ago

  • This shows how much the suits in Hollywood have NO F’IN clue. Thanks for showing the “pros” how to do their damn job.

    BootsyJ 2 days ago 2 

  • Holy Crap! This trailer is waaaayyyyyy better that Disney’s garbage mashup. Disney @johncarter: Hire this guy. He’ll save the film!


    orpheusfire 2 days ago

  • 8 dislikes… KILL THEM WITH FIRE!

    TehSlenderrMan 2 days ago

  • @TehSlenderrMan

    Yes!! They are all worthless sons of calots!!

    jdj1951 2 days ago

  • Congratulations to you for doing a better job than “professionals”.

    mybluecat1 2 days ago

  • … wow, I never got any idea of this plot from the official trailers. I seriously thought it was just “Prince of Persia runs around the desert a bunch”.

    ShaggyShan 2 days ago 3 

  • Disney should fire the marketing team of this movie and hire this guy.

    MrSkeleton4 2 days ago 4 

  • @MrSkeleton4 Yes, I agree 100%.

    EnjoyableApps 2 days ago in playlist Liked videos

  • Great job!

    I had absolutely no interest in this film. After seeing this fan trailer, I think I may go.

    erikak1970 2 days ago 58 

  • This trailer really made me wonder how it’s possible that I haven’t seen or heard ANYTHING about this awesome-looking movie up until now. If I go and see it, this trailer will be the reason.

    soshimyk 2 days ago 3 

  • Much better than the Disney attempts. Well done. Thank you!

    psgomes 2 days ago 2 

  • The film is fantastic.

    warehouse1904 2 days ago

  • So if we tell the audience what the movie is, not try to hide what it’s about, and reveal that there is a story, the audience will respond. Huh. Who knew?

    relentlessandassoc 2 days ago 50 

  • Great job on the cut, by the way!

    relentlessandassoc 2 days ago

  • This absolutely drew me in a made me want to see this film. And it made me forget the previous weaker and official attempts. Let’s hope Disney is smart enough to be following this posting.

    querrific 2 days ago 2 

  • Amazing job and THANK YOU!

    zmstew 2 days ago

  • Kudos! Great job with this!

    britethorn 2 days ago

  • Damn, Disney should pay YOU to make their trailers. Ever since I heard about this I thought it would be an interesting movie, but Disney has no idea how to sell a movie that isn’t a Pixar film.

    d3in0nychu5 2 days ago

  • This is the BEST trailer of this movie! Somebody at Disney marketing needs to lose their job, or at the least reach out to the creator of this. Great work! It actually makes me want to see it!

    rondadams 2 days ago

  • This has actually made me want to see the movie. The actual trailers for this movie are a debacle. They need to start circulating this trailer immediately!!!

    Spaceprince72 2 days ago 2 

  • Now THIS is “John Carter from Mars”! Dude, Disney owes you a truckload of dollars.

    wookiebodoque 2 days ago

  • Amazing. Wow. This movie actually looks interesting now.

    Westonius 2 days ago

  • If Disney knew better, they’d even put credits at the end of this trailer to remind everyone who worked on it and who wrote the book. And besides, I especially enjoy how you kept the Disney logo in its “Walt Disney Pictures” form. Shortening it to “Disney” and keeping it for such a grown-up film as John Carter is a little ridiculous if you ask me.

    MaxGoesFourth 3 days ago

  • nice job i will probly go to the cinema:P

    Morder1990 3 days ago

  • Awesome trailer! Shame on the disney marketing team, their trailers actually made me want to AVOID this movie. This fan trailer is tons better and actually makes sense! Shame on you disney for such terrible marketing!

    WoWChronicle 3 days ago

  • Was this movie greenlit under a previous Disney executive or something?

    And in general, why is there so much marketing around that makes you wonder how people somehow got paid for creating it?

    mrksmth 3 days ago

  • Good on you, you did this well

    chrisjhart221138 3 days ago

  • God, Disney cannot into marketing.

    FigmentJedi 3 days ago

  • I had no interest whatsoever in this movie… and then I watched this trailer.

    Mind you, they PAID the people who made the “official” trailer. And this cat did this for free.

    Razorback613 3 days ago 3 

  • Disney’s was like wtf how is this movie even supposed to happen…this one totally makes sense!!!

    miscanime 3 days ago

  • NOW I wanna check up the movie. Disney’s trailer was a crap. This one is far better.

    mafka000 3 days ago

  • great trailer, very well put together, seems like there’s footage here I hadn’t seen before?

    jmythog7 3 days ago

  • This trailer put the entire disney marketing team to shame

    abcd12343141 3 days ago 2 

  • way better than the original trailers

    nice job

    losthart 3 days ago 2 

  • A far, FAR better trailer that the official ones. Congrats to all concerned.

    iss52219 3 days ago

  • I don’t get Disney. They spend 200 million bucks on this movie and can’t even get out a trailer as good as this?

    WiredDragoon 3 days ago

  • Official trailer sucks. Big time. I really didn’t plan on seeing this movie – your fan trailer may have made me change my mind.

    TheGlucoside 3 days ago

  • This kicks the shit out of the official trailer. Nicely done!

    jessivehadit 3 days ago

  • That was extremely well produced. And a mad Diss-ney.

    DeadPool2342 3 days ago

  • Very well done.

    8forVegas 3 days ago

  • ???????

    Pratrinity 3 days ago

  • Fantastic edit.This version would IMHO bring more people into the theaters. Great job. 🙂

    RichVoyages 3 days ago

  • Ok, 2 points:

    1) Disney, hire this person IMMEDIATELY. Fire whoever is in charge of making the trailers for John Carter (of Mars) and hire this person instead. Clearly they understand how to market a movie better than your entire marketing department, BASED ON TWO TRAILERS AND A HANDFUL OF VIDEOS! (And, obviously, knowledge from having been a fan of the book, but that doesn’t affect what material is available for a fan trailer.)

    Baalek1 3 days ago

  • @Baalek1 2) It is deeply, deeply sad that this trailer is even necessary. When the marketing for a movie is so poorly handled that FANS OF THE MOVIE (that hasn’t even been released yet, natch) feel the need to step in and help you, YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING VERY WRONG. Disney, look to your marketing department and weep.

    Baalek1 3 days ago

  • i see Priest here… wtf

    Trickers13F 3 days ago

  • I’ve been a fan of the John Carter books since I was 14 and I have been apprehensive about this movie since it was first announced. This trailer, more than any of the official ones, makes me very excited to see it for the first time. Well done!

    mdjacksonart 3 days ago

  • Very nice. Can’t believe The Mouse would put this much money into a film and then throw it away with half-assed marketing. I want this to be a big hit so they’ll make more.

    MalibuFilmsWT 3 days ago 3 

  • i can’t find the hidden micky 🙁

    egg44 3 days ago

  • Excellent work. I’ve been waiting a very long time to see this movie be made.

    AcheronDax 3 days ago

  • The FIRST truly Epic Win trailer of 2012. And it’s fan made… Hollywood should wake up and return to epic trailers again. And then higher every one of you guys to do them.

    peppersgc 3 days ago 2 

  • Well done….much better than any of the other trailers I’ve seen. As a fan who is becoming sorely disappointed with the way Disney is hacking this project to pieces… I just want to say.. thank you.

    schnicklefritzen 3 days ago 2 

  • Disney should pay you, JohnCarterFiles, and they should run this ad everywhere. More likely, of course, they’ll sue you.

    fuckoffanddie100 3 days ago 2 

  • Holy crap. I am *exactly* the target demographic, but every ad I’ve seen for “John Carter, no longer of Mars” has made me less and less interested. This trailer rocks and rules and almost sells me.

    fuckoffanddie100 3 days ago 3 

  • Nicely put together . . .

    hughc023 3 days ago

  • In all seriousness Disney should pay you for this

    pianist150 3 days ago 4 

  • I actually want to see this film now. good job!


    advancedrebel 3 days ago

  • ohhhh it makes sense now… nothing against disney but their marketing of it is sooo confusing…now i cant wait to see this!!!

    Daftlikejack0 3 days ago

  • …And NOW I actually want to watch this movie.

    JabBabbity 3 days ago

  • Ohhhh, so thats what John Carter is. now i get it

    metalliholic 3 days ago

  • Disney need to give you the money they wasted on the marketing team that created those awful trailers.

    sugreev2001 3 days ago

  • That is a sic! edit. Great Job, Disney should take some hints as others have suggested. Definitely the best John Carter trailer I have seen so far.

    chadiwack 3 days ago

  • Well, at least SOMEBODY understands how to sell this movie. Too bad Disney doesn’t.

    JTNashville 3 days ago

  • From the director of Finding Nemo and Wall-E


    The epic tale that inspided 100 years of filmmaking.

    Those are EXTREMELY obvious and great things to say about a movie… But Disney ignores this.

    sansfi 3 days ago 30 

  • Honestly, if Disney just threw in “From the two-time Academy Award Winning director of ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘WALL-E’ Andrew Stanton”, they’d have a lot more people interest in this film.

    PrestoMovie12 3 days ago 4 

  • Good job. It just goes to show how bad Disney has done with the marketing of this movie. And the marketers are paid a lot of money to make trailers and other promotional devices. How much more clueless can Hollywood studios be? This movie is likely to be a huge flop.

    TsugaruClan 3 days ago

  • Thank you very much, folks. The marketing for this movie is really AWFUL.

    Kikefriki 3 days ago

  • Disney, hire this guy.

    andrewsubtitle 4 days ago

  • Looks cool. Too bad it comes out during BLACK MARCH !

    DarrylGold 4 days ago

  • One thing missing…indicating that they are Mars.

    markbotplus 4 days ago

  • @markbotplus the trailer that talked about that wasnt out yet when this was made, but rest assured they are on mars!

    Ralokone 4 days ago

  • Great Trailer

    JohnCarterVideos 4 days ago

  • Now I actually understand how the story works, so, much better than Disney’s attempts

    jto4223 4 days ago 68 

  • Very good trailer! Disney, take note!

    Maxine565 5 days ago

  • Disney, pay attention . . . This is the kind of trailer that will draw in movie-goers.

    patrickdearenauthor 5 days ago 6 

  • Best…trailer…evah!

    Everyone loves it because it lets the audience know what the actual story might be about. I wish it was on T.V.

    garlandrebecca 5 days ago 2 

  • Makes me want to see it way more than any of the real trailers.

    WesleyEmblidge 5 days ago 2 

  • Wow, this is SO MUCH BETTER than the cacophony of trailers put out by Disney. I am actually a little more hopeful that this could be a hit.

    kattywacky 5 days ago 4 

  • Very well done trailer – the best one out there!!! I am so excited to see this movie – the second it comes out!

    TheNightshadesiris 1 week ago 3 

  • can you please tell me from which elements you took the first 30 second of this fantastic fan trailer ?

    emileeid 1 week ago

  • @emileeid The hi rez stuff comes from the july 2011 teaser trailer and the low rez stuff comes from the japanese trailer.

    EnjoyableApps 1 week ago

  • @EnjoyableApps thanks for the rep u have any idea w trailer that was out today on Yahoo on youtube already

    emileeid 1 week ago

  • song please.

    miatuneaphish 1 week ago

  • @miatuneaphish which one?

    reownergames 1 week ago

  • @reownergames the one where the violins play. duh duh dum. duh duh dum. dah dah dam, u know.


    miatuneaphish 1 week ago

  • @miatuneaphish give me a time in the video lmao

    reownergames 1 week ago

  • @miatuneaphish “Cornerstone Crues – Kashmir” – Look that up on youtube, it should be the video on top.

    reownergames 1 week ago

  • This has been flagged as spam show

    reownergames 2 weeks ago

  • Comment removed

    reownergames 2 weeks ago

  • Looks like a movie i would want to see!

    EnjoyableApps 2 weeks ago

  • Comment removed

    lonesomepicker818 2 weeks ago

  • sweet!

    what the heck is wrong with disney?

    Ralokone 2 weeks ago 39 

  • @Ralokone Money

    somejackball 3 days ago

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