Roy Krenkel’s evocative Edgar Rice Burroughs Ace paperback covers


A disciple of J.Allen St. John, Franklin Booth, William Walcot and Norman Lindsay, Roy Krenkel was responsible for vividly evocative cover art for the ACE 1960’s Edgar Rice Burroughs paperbacks. For the gallery below I was able to get clean copies — no frontplate to obscure the art. Some of them were in less than ideal condition and I’ve done my best to clean up and color balance those. Many of them are quite large — click and see.

I was going to label each one with the title of the book illustrated — but halfway through posting them it occurred to me that it might be fun to just label them with numbers so those who grew up, as I did, reading the Ace Paperbacks (and Ballantine -but Krenkel worked with Ace), can see if you recognize them without the titles. The answers are at the bottom. If you get them all right it means you’re a super geek or a child of the 60’s who cut his/her teeth on the Ace paperbacks.

Also, Bill Hillman and Erbzine have more Krenkel Ace Cover Art — see links in his comment at the end.






1) Land of Hidden Men (Original Title: Jungle Girl)
2) Mastermind of Mars
3) Fighting Man of Mars
4) The Eternal Savage (Original Title: The Eternal Lover)
5) Pirates of Venus
6) Out of Time’s Abyss
7) At the Earth’s Core
8) Escape on Venus


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