Barsoomian joins Dothraki as the invented language du jour


AT HIS best friend’s wedding reception on the California coast, David Peterson stood to deliver his best-man toast to the newlyweds. He held his champagne glass high and shouted ”hajas!” The 50 guests raised their glasses and chanted ”Hajas!” in unison.

The word, which means ”be strong” and is pronounced ”hah-DZHAS,” has great significance for Peterson. He invented it, along with 3250 other words (and counting), in the language he created for the television fantasy series¬†Game of Thrones, called Dothraki.

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  • Readers may enjoy this interview with Peter Frommer, who invented both Barsoomian (the language spoken in John Carter) and Na’vi (the language spoken by the inhabitants of Pandora in the film Avatar).

  • And as Dothraki, it is unveiled little by little, and we only want more of it.
    I hope a linguist developped it further than what too little of it is available up to now.

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