How Many Legs Does a Calot Have? (and a Woola wallpaper image)


There’s been some discussion on message boards lately about Woola, John Carter’s “calot”, who is featured prominently in the TV Spot entitled “Lost”. So it seems a good time to provide the Burroughsian detail on the Martian Calot.

A calot is in essence the Barsoomian dog. ¬†About the size of a Shetland pony, omnivorous, the calot has ten short legs. The head bears a slight resemblance to a frog, except that the jaws are equipped with three rows of long, sharp tusks. Described as “pop-eyed” meaning protruding eyes. The calot is endowed with extraordinary strength and stamina. only the thoat can cover more territory in a single day.

Here is an interesting interpretation of Woola, the Calot, by Jazon on Devianart

That one is closer to what I think I would have come up with — than the one that we’ll be seeing on March 9th and beyond. But you know, I’m starting to like Stanton’s Woola, even though it wasn’t quite how I’d envisioned it. Not that you only see three legs on one side in this pic — but closer inspection of the video shows two inner legs on each side — so Stanton has kept the total of 10 legs as Burroughs described it.

Here is an HD wallpaper sized image — you can really see the detail (click to enlarge):

And here – revealed by blatantly over-exposing the shot, is one of the inner legs, or at least the foot of one:


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