Andrew Stanton is online taking questions now via Twitter (9:30 PM PST Friday)

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For anyone who’s not aware — Andrew Stanton is online now taking questions about his experience directing John Carter — and any other questions that pique his interest. Last Friday he answered questions for six hours……tonight he’s just gotten started.  @andrewstanton

Here’s the feed so far:


@GreenDoopey I was expecting Thomas Newman too, he and@andrewstanton is a perfect match.

@andrewstanton but you did know they’d sell us little plastic space robot toys, right? 😉

@andrewstanton When/where did the idea to have “real” actors in Wall-E come from?

!!! RT @andrewstanton: “@lessthanuthink@andrewstanton What are some of your favourite modern sci-fi films?” / Loved “Sunshine” and “Moon”.

@fernxax@andrewstanton what did you think of Nolan’s TDK?” / Loved it. I hired his Production Designer for it.

@andrewstanton what were your Pixar buddies reaction when you first showed them #JohnCarter?

Nicholas TedescoNicholas Tedesco @DisneyandBeyond4m

  •  @andrewstanton Who is the one actor, living or dead, that you would want to work with most?
Amanda WilliamsAmanda Williams @FuturePixarian5m

  • Growing up with physical handicaps, #FindingNemo has a special meaning for me. Can’t believe it’s almost 10 years now!@andrewstanton

@andrewstanton Do you do anything specific before you write? Such as listening to certain music or watching certain movies?

@AndrewPrima@andrewstanton One word of advice for young, aspiring filmmakers?” / Nobody can stop u from creating.

@andrewstanton Are you available for speaking engagements?

@andrewstanton What’s your favorite line of dialogue you’ve written?

@andrewstanton What did you think of the Wachowski’s take on Speed Racer? I found it rather awesome and fun to watch.

Jeremy KinneyJeremy Kinney @FakeShemp7 @andrewstanton know you’re busy wrapping JC, but do you have your next project in mind? Animated or non.

@andrewstanton Are you planning an extended JC cut for the Blu Ray?

@andrewstanton OMG! Please come to Mexico! You totally should! omg omg…!!! 😀 So, are You coming!? Say yes, please!

@joshlocklair@andrewstanton favorite screenplay of all -time?” / Tuff 1. Cool Hand Luke & Schindler’s List r humbling reads.

@andrewstanton very curious- what’s your writing process like?

I love @andrewstanton, but he only has two Twitter settings: Off and Firehose.

@JohnDelfino@andrewstanton Advice for someone looking for a Pixar-like job?” Apply at Pixar.

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@aimhighwillis@andrewstanton how was it working with a real life DP for the 1st time?” / All my DPs have been living on all films.

@andrewstanton how do you stay focussed&hardworking before studio pressure’s on?

@andrewstanton Love them! Challenging to communicate w/DNeg, or did you go to London?

@JeremytheSollie@andrewstanton what movies from 2000-now do you think will be considered classics?” / Tree of Life

@andrewstanton That Pixar movie you were working on today… Was it Brave or something else?

@OnWithTheShows@andrewstanton 3D…Where is it going?” / Hopefully away for a while. Too hyped right now.

@andrewstanton did you know John Carter was going to be 3D while making it? What’s your personally preferred medium to watch it?

@andrewstanton Any other musicians you hope to work with someday?

@andrewstanton ….uhm…… you doin’ …..?

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