New John Carter TV Spot Released; subtle changes make a big difference–this one rocks!


Just released today by Disney, a new John Carter TV Spot involves several new images and is an evolution of the spot “He Arrives” released in mid- December.   I’ll say it up front — thought the changes are subtle, they improve this spot tremendously in my view and now Disney has a Super Bowl worthy spot.

I won’t spoil it for you with details — here it is:

And here is the previous spot that was similiar to this. The differences are somewhat subtle … but if you toggle between them you can see how it has evolved. I like the changes and the direction the changes are taking the promotion.

Here are some of the new images seen for the first time.

Click to enlarge.



  • I love all of the trailers, but yea, I love the subtle changes and additions to this one. Of course, any even itty bitty additional shots get me all giddy again! March can’t get here fast enough! 😀

  • the new one has ALOT more impact, and it actually says more about the world

    its funny how subtle changes can do that ^ _ ^

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