“Warrior Princess ” Dejah Thoris in Action — unveiled in the revised “Warhoon” TV Spot

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In the 49er-Giants NFL Playoff Game today, Disney unveiled a revised version of the “Warhoon” TV spot that ditches Woola and unveils Dejah Thoris in “Warrior Princess” action for the first time. Usually Disney posts these revisions on the internet before airing them — but if they did it this time, I can’t find it. (If anyone can find it, pls send the link.)

So, first — here are some images of Lynn Collins wielding a sword. I apologize in advance for the fact that they’re a little contrasty. I shot them off the TV screen — will replace as soon as something better becomes available.

UPDATE — Here is a link to a copy of the new spot. New Warhoon TV Spot.

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