John Carter Clip: “Mars Best Friend” showcases Woola the calot and baby Tharks…

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This clip from John Carter has been out for a day or so on Disney Go where you can’t embed it and you can’t even provide a direct link –people have to wade through whatever else is in the queue……so I was waiting for Disney to release it somewhere else.  Meanwhile, it’s been uploaded to YouTube (not by Disney officially) and that version is really really dark……however, here by popular request (and it’s a WONDERFUL clip), is John Carter and Woola, sadly really dark.   If you can’t see it here, go to and just pull the scroll bar to the end of the various kiddie things that are up first. The JC clip is currently up third….


  • Good editing and timing.

    First, monster. “Monster…dog”

    Then monster appears to advance and collapses into apparent sleep. Joke, leading to false security.

    JC breaks his bonds. Monster yawns. displaying teeth. Lots of teeth. Worry.

    JC leaps. Yay!

    Oops, monster in his way. How the HELL did that happen? Wasn’t it asleep?

    JC leaps again. This time, there’s a hint of how Woola ran to intercept him – but just a hint.

    Another leap, and more sight of Woola’s dash – and hints of his cuteness. Woola pants just like a dog…. and his facial expression shows that he thinks that this is a game, establishing the “monster” as a puppy.

    “Quit it!”

    That’s good – the sense of timing tells us all we need to know about where this will head.

    Now link this with the clip we’ve seen of JC sending DT and Sola away from the Warhoon horde and Woola absolutely refusing to leave – instead, he’s hunkering down, drawing his lips back and growling before dashing forward in a blur.

    Andy Serkis is not playing Woola – he’s a digital puppet, no more – someone has to make those muscles and eyes move, and then it’s direction and timing that makes this sequence work.

    It’s details – and their continuity – like that that make me look forward to this film.

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