3 Brand New Excellent John Carter “B-Roll” videos

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Over the last few days cast interviews and some other limited behind the scenes material for Disney’s John Carter has been trickling out (well, more than a trickle) — but now comes something really nice. This is some great new John Carter behind the scenes footage — best we’ve seen so far. It’s a feast and includes pieces of the score by Michael Giacchino, great shots of wire work (the Woola scene is here)..and more.

Enjoy! and thanks to Daniel and John Carter Videos!

One thought on “3 Brand New Excellent John Carter “B-Roll” videos

  • They also did some Behind the Scenes videos for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and that movie doesn’t release until December 14. It is very interesting to watch behind the scenes footage, you can learn at some of the stuff they do. They are very talented 🙂

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