John Carter Filmmakers’ Sizzle Reel reveals new images and spirit of Stanton’s film

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Yesterday Disney released an extended clip of the John Carter great white ape coliseum scene followed by an excellent montage which director Andrew Stanton has identified as a “sizzle reel” cut by Erik Jessen, one of the John Carter editors, which is not exactly a trailer — more like a cousin to a trailer.   Two thoughts: First, that  white ape must have some seriously powerful agency representation to be able to get so much coverage in every trailer and clip that Disney releases.  I’m surprised he didn’t insist on above the title billing and who knows — he may be a gross point player. Pretty impressive.

Secondly, and more seriously, I think the sizzle reel deserves to be released on its own and so that’s what we’ve got here today — the sizzle reel by itself.  What strikes me about the sizzle reel is the mood that it establishes; the emotional thread the runs through it, and the degree to which it captures that feeling of imaginative transport to another world.  It draws you in and although it doesn’t have the structure and payoff of a good trailer (it’s not a trailer, it’s a sizzle reel!), it sells the movie better than the official trailers and is a wonderful piece of work which does exactly what it sets out to do, and that is invite the viewer to be intrigued by the film.  Kudos to the filmmakers and if there are any more of these lying around, please put them out there!


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