John Carter Producer offers clearest explanation yet of actual budget

John Carter News

His is a story that ushered in the modern age of science fiction, inspiring a century of authors and sparking the imaginations that launched “Star Wars” and “Avatar” into the cultural canon. But it’s only now, a century after Edgar Rice Burroughs penned his first excursion to the red planet, that John Carter’s adventures on Mars are being presented on the big screen.

And to¬†read the rumors¬†surrounding the film’s four years in production, the story of how the epic Disney movie got made seems nearly as legendary a tale.

“It’s frustrating, because it’s wrong,” Lindsey Collins, one of the film’s co-producers, says of years of trade reports that the film, the first live-action effort from Oscar-winning “WALL-E” director Andrew Stanton, was a bloated, over-budget mess.

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