Positive buzz re John Carter 3D trailer

John Carter News

Here are some encouraging positive tweets reacting to the 3D trailer of John Carter that is playing in front of Star Wars 3D.  Looking for more like this:


The 3D trailer for John Carter look amazing!
2/11/12 9:30 AM
Holy crap John Carter trailer at Star Wars 3D is kinda awesome! Lots of jumping up and hacking
2/11/12 8:39 AM
Just saw the trailer of John Carter in the big screen before Star Wars – Episode I (3D). Looks awesome, I can’t wait! #Disney
2/11/12 2:49 AM


  • They unfortunately did not have trading cards at my theater. But the trailer did look incredible!

  • Michael, are you Dotar Sojat now? I need to change your name n my contacts list:) These tweets are great news.

  • I’m trying to find out. No word yet. I just saw somewhere else that there was apparently a new TV spot last night that started with JC getting transported to mars — first backstory they’ve shown on TV spots. Progress. Trying to figure out about the 3D trailer.

  • they also gave away trading cards or something o _ O

    I should go see it

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