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by Khanada Taylor:   Last night was my second viewing of John Carter. The first time I saw it was at a pre-screening in Disney Real 3D. Last night it was in IMAX 3D. And, I’m going again on Sunday to see it in 2D.

A quick note about 3D: I do prefer the Disney 3D to the IMAX 3D, and I think I’m going to probably prefer 2D overall. 90% of the film looked good in 3D. It added a dimensionality that made it seem like you could walk into the scenes. But in IMAX it didn’t translate as well with certain elements, such as the 2 moons of Mars were blurry double images, and a few other small details occasionally looked odd.

I loved John Carter the first time I saw it, but I had been so full of anticipation and was quite tired after various conference events, that I almost felt as if I were only dreaming as I watched and would I wake any moment to find that I was still waiting to see it. But last night I was totally immersed and I enjoyed every single second of the film!

In my previous review I said that I felt some of the books details that were so heartfelt were missing from the film. But now, upon my second screening, I don’t feel the same way. There was great warmth and relationship building between the characters! Yes, some details were changed from how they were done in the books, but not in a way that detracted from the movement of the story or the characters themselves.

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