NEW: A very cool John Carter Fan Trailer from William Farrelly


I don’t know how we missed this, it was posted on March 2nd. But I found it tonight and I want to give a serious shootout to Youtuber JangoFett07 (UPDATE: His name is William Farrelly)  for making a very cool John Carter Fan Trailer. This one digs very deep among the available footage and constructs the storyline very nicely and has a great epic feel to it.

Are there more of these out there that we’re just not finding? If you find one, make sure you send it in to us. Meanwhile, enjoy the excellent work in this one!  (Also, click “view on YouTube” and leave a comment there too!)


  • Seen the movie a bit too many times to tell anyone, but I’m up there with the “crazies”.

    Very well done without having a $100 million? budget =), if only if only is all we fans can say. John Carter should have been so much more, such an amzing movie and we’ll probably never get the trilogy+ it deserves, instead we get a clifhanger ending that will drive me insane till the end of me days.

  • I use Pinnacle Studios Ultimate for all my work besides the stuff I do for my comedy sketch group, which we’re starting to use Final Cut for.

  • We’ll be sending more (unpaid!) work your way! 😉 By the way — what program did you use to edit it?

  • Thanks for all the feedback guys and special thanks to Michael Sellers and this website for finding my little video and getting people to actually watch it! I appreciate it!

  • What Jake said. Couldn’t say it better myself. Considering all the quality fan trailers this film has generated you had to wonder what was in the minds of the ‘highly paid’ professionals at Disney.

  • That’s definitely the best of all the fan trailers. The only thing missing is an explanation for why JC can jump so high. Nearly everyone I’ve talked to about the trailers has joked about that plot element- assuming it’s just another example of a director getting carried away with cgi absurdity. (I realize Tars’ comment about his ability to jump is supposed to convey the idea, but it clearly wasn’t enough for the uninitiated.)

    As far as word-of-mouth goes, I do think it may help the film’s box office internationally. Unfortunately, the film has lost so many theaters to Hunger Games, its days are likely numbered in the US. 10 or 20 years ago it would’ve had time to find an audience, but today those first two weekends are more important than ever.

    (On a side note: God, I love Lynn Collins’ line delivery as Dejah Thoris. “You are on Bar-soom!” The film could’ve been two hours of her just saying, “You are John Car-ter of Earth!” and I would’ve been happy.)

  • Elmo —

    Funny thing — all the scenes you want to cut out were scenes that were added or repositioned after the participants in Disney/Pixar braintrust and early audience screenings complained that the movie was too confusing and character motivation was unclear. Go figure.

    As for the trailer — that was freakin’ awesome! Light years ahead of what Disney put out, but still being cut like a traditional Hollywood trailer.

  • I want to see a fan cut of the movie, removing the opening battle scene (maybe re-cutting it for inclusion elsewhere) and excising reference to the extra-Barsoomian origin of the Therns, and also axing much of John Carter’s walkabout with Matai Shang.

  • Makes me sad for what could have been and angry enough to throttle the twits who marketed JC. Tell me people wouldn’t have flocked to the movie portrayed above. Folks are going to end up regretting not seeing this on the big screen once they get it from Redbox or see it on the premium channels. I just hope with enough controversey bobbing about on the web folks might go and see it out of curiosity.

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