Fused Film: “John Carter Fans want a sequel, launch Facebook fan page”

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Brett and I may have sung our praises about Andrew Stanton’s John Carter, but the rest of American didn’t see it that way as the movie took in a mere $30 million its opening weekend. Deemed a disappointment for a movie that was budgeted at Mars-sized $250 million, a sequel is very uncertain, and seeing as though movies like 21 Jump Street and The Hunger Games (both of which got extremely positive reviews) are opening in the next two weeks, its unlikely that John Carter will make up for the loss, at least in the states.

The ending for the film left room for a possible sequel, and John Carter fans hope that the sequel will happen. Forbes Magazine has discovered a Facebook group, called “Take Me Back To Barsoom, I Want John Carter To Have a Sequel.” As of press time, it had just shy of 2,000 members. It encourages fans to take to social media to let Disney know they want the sequel.\

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