John Carter Box Office Watch: Is unexpected Mon-Tue uptick a sign of strengthening?

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Anyone who does box office analysis knows that patterns, once set, rarely change and analysis of patterns is what box office analysis is all about.  A minor but generally consistent pattern for most films is that Tuesday is less than Monday.  John Carter just posted a Tuesday that was an increase over Monday.  This would typically be seen as a sign of good Word of Mouth, and some indication of a strong hold although modest upticks like this could get swamped not he weekend if 21 Jump Street opens as well as it is now expected to.

Still….this is positive and inconsistent with “flop of the century” rhetoric, so we offer it:

(Following research is from Ankit at IMDB — thanks! It covers comparable releases — focusing on March releases and/or similar films)

* John Carter

Monday – $2.5 million
Tuesday – $2.7 million
Change – +8%

* Alice in Wonderland

Monday – $9 million
Tuesday – $8 million
Change – -11%

* Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Monday – $7.7 million
Tuesday – $3 million
Change – -60% (Note — Monday holiday so this pattern doesn’t really tell us much.)

* Tron: Legacy

Monday – $6 million
Tuesday – $6.3 million
Change – +5%

* Watchmen

Monday – $3.9 million
Tuesday – $3.4 million
Change – -11%

* 300

Monday – $7.6 million
Tuesday – $6.5 million
Change – -14%

* Despicable Me

Monday – $7.5 million
Tuesday – $8 million
Change – +7%

* 10,000 B.C.

Monday – $2.7 million
Tuesday – $2.3 million
Change – -15%

*Battle Los Angeles
Monday – $3.01
Tuesday – $3.01
Change — 0%

Monday $16.4
Tuesday $16.1
Change — -.5%

Monday $2.1M
Tue $2.0M
Change -4.2%


  • So, what is your body overloaded with, Tom? Estrogen?

    You might like the film if you actually saw it. The women I saw the film with liked it even more than the men did.

  • Not to bring down the enthusiasm (I want a sequel, too!), but every movie in the top 10 had an uptick from Monday to Tuesday. JC actually went up %10.5, while The Lorax went up %14.3 and Project X went up %10.4.

  • clearly tom hasn’t seen John Carter.

    unlike Transformers, and other “popcorn” dumb fun, movies, that people like tom defend as being fun…

    John Carter has heart, well crafted characters, a smart script, and no plot holes. you actually care about the characters and what happens to them.

    If your not sure about seeing john carter, GO SEE JOHN CARTER!!! you wont regret it and you can thank me later!

    the best movie i’ve seen in 10 years!

  • You might be interested to know that the average male rating of JC on IMDB is 7.0 and the average female rating is 7.5 so it’s not just testosterone overloaded males who’ve taken the film to heart.

  • It’s so funny to see every single testosterome-overloaded male on the web huddle around the success of this piece of garbage of a movie. Just ADMIT it’s a bomb and stop trying to find a silver lining around something that has none.

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