John Carter Fan Trailer 2 – “Heritage”


Here is John Carter Fan Trailer 2 -“Heritage” and as you will quickly figure out, this one is from the heart.  We wanted to do a second fan trailer but were having trouble just because of the limitations of the material that’s available to us.  We decided that now is the time to really acknowledge the gift that Edgar Rice Burroughs gave us 100 years ago, and that Andrew Stanton and Disney have given us now. So this one is all about where this movie came from.


  • Your “Heritage” trailer is awesome. Simply wonderful.
    I’ve seen this movie four times in the theater now and still get something new out of it with each viewing….

    The “Heritage” trailer not only shows the historical significance of the John Carter story…but it shows the true breadth of imagery that makes this movie so distinctive.

    I hope time is kinder to this wonderful film…it deserves an audience that appreciates a fine story, well-told and superbly visualized.

    Thanks for keeping “John Carter” in the public eye….this fan appreciates it!

  • I must say that was truly how the marketing should have been done. It seems very apparent that egos got in the way and stupidly cost the studio a great deal of money. Applause to all involved with this new trailer. Thank you.

  • wow. I can’t imagine watching this trailer and not being intrigued of the film. well done!

  • I finally saw a 15 second TV clip Thursday night March 1st just after 8 PM during Big Bang Theory that emphasized that John Carter was first. Here are the words used by the voice over.

    “Before there was Star Wars, before there was Avatar, there was John Carter. The epic story that started it all is now the first big blockbuster of the year.”

    Still no mention of Edgar Rice Burroughs or Andrew Stanton. I have not been able to find a copy of it on the web yet.

    It has been 50 years since my older brother and I were first introduced to the wonderful worlds created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Last year while looking over an ancestor file of Edgar Rice Burroughs I discovered that I shared a common ancestor with him. What a thrill that was.

    I have been following Barsoomia, John Carter Files, John Carter Movie unofficial fansite and MCR’s website for about 3 years now. This is my first posting and I would like thank these men for there efforts.

    The most important results from this movie is that it introduces a new generation to Edgar Rice Burroughs. The more successful the movie is the greater the number of this new fan base will be. The Disney editions of all 11 of the Barsoom books are now available at the bookstores.

  • Before seeing this, I just reviewed that new official John Carter trailer, and I must admit, this one blows the official one out of the water. All the posts that said Disney doesn’t get it is correct. I think I’m the average guy, as I really don’t know anything about John Carter, and I not only still didn’t know about John Carter after viewing the official trailer, but I also felt very “eh” after seeing it.

    Then I saw this trailer and found myself interested from the get-go, and even had a better sense of what the story might be. Well done and Disney obviously missed out.

  • Wow! Awesome trailer guys. Really felt the emotion of it, could feel myself welling up! Word spread!

  • Excellent. You guys have done a great job promoting what Disney should have been promoting all along. It’s clear from the images here and elsewhere that Stanton “gets” what this is all about the way we fans do. I must be the last hardcore Burroughs fan left who hasn’t seen the movie yet. But I’ll be there opening night, and you’ve given me confidence that my decades-long wait will have been worth it.

  • What more can be said, best trailer yet. The music and editing really stage this. Its amazing what the right images and music can do for creating an atmosphere that builds anticipation and elicits emotion. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Great job, guys! The best trailer of the bunch!
    I can’t believe that Disney didn’t play up the heritage of the material or the 100th anniversary. Let’s hope this trailer gets lots of views in the next several days!

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