John Carter “I Want a Sequel” Facebook Group hits 3000 members in 30 hours…

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Started yesterday, the John Carter fan Facebook Group “Take me back to Barsoom! I want John Carter to have a sequel” group has reached 3000 members in a little over 30 hours.   The grassroots group which acknowledges no leaders but its purpose is clear as stated on the Facebook page:  “Who will pledge their metal to mine?” Follow us on Twitter @BackToBarsoom  Let’s prove the critics and black hearted pundits wrong! Let’s join together and let Disney know that a sequel must be made.”

Will fan passion be enough to make sequels happen?  It’s too soon to tell, but media outlets from Forbes to the National Enquirer have picked up on the “fan revolt”, and the group is promoting “Take a Friend to Barsoom” as a way of helping John Carter’s “legs” as it moves into its second weekend in theaters.

Click here to visit the Facebook Page: Take me back to Barsoom! I want John Carter to have a sequel

Meawhile, here are 10 things fans of the movie can do right now to help — that’s besides joining the group:


Now for the 10 things you can do!

1. Take a friend (or friends) to Barsoom.  The movie is in theaters.  Grab some friends and go see it. (Duh.)

2. Go to Rotten Tomatoes and give it a User Rating.  Here is the link.

3. Go to IMDB and give it a User RatingHere is the link.

4. Go to MTV Movie Blog and take the “do you want a sequel” poll: Here is the link.   Also a) comment on the post, b)  ”Like” the MTV page and c)  Share to Facebook.

5. Go to and view the article about JC fan base, then a) comment, b) Like/Share to FB, c) Retweet

6. Go to and view the article about JC fan base, a) comment, b) Like/Share to FB, c) Retweet

7. Share the John Carter Fan Trailer to Facebook and Twitter.  Here is the link:

8. Go to and view the article about JC fan base,  a) comment, b) Like/Share to FB, c) Retweet

9. Go to and view the article about JC fan base,  a) comment, b) Like/Share to FB, c) Retweet

10. Go to National Enquirer and view the article about JC Fans in revolt, a) comment, b) Like/Share to FB, c) Retweet




  • Cant think of a time where I wanted China and Japan to do something specific until this.

    All over the net are video reviews of people loving the movie.

    If it can hang on til after Hunger Games, maybe it can hit over 100m domestic.

    Ive watched this since it was attached to other directors who its been
    seen had changed the story even more than Stanton did.

    Ive hated all this talk about marketing, but I guess its true Disney and Stanton couldnt
    get people, except longtime fans, to care enough.

    Ive done evrything I can to promote, but its a raindrop in the ocean. I hope for other ERB
    films, but man, YOU know how good Gods is, and I hope Stanton can pitch it, even if
    someone else directs. The 2 movies at once plan is a great idea.

    I wonder if Stanton has a plan, and if its possible to know the details.

    Either way, I’ll be waiting for the weekends WW take, still hopin for the slow burn. Maybe
    Hunger Games wont do as well as predicted. Its so funny sad how some critics who disliked JCM are giving 21 Jump and HG good reviews. I always decide to see a movie in the theater based on whether it loses anything converting to the small screen. Those, if any good, still seem like rentals.

    Your comments are well appreciated, and I know you will keep us tortured JCM ERB
    fans in the know. If Stanton responds to my letter to PIxar with some juicy hints, you know I’ll flip out and tell everyone!

  • Aura…..I honestly think that unless China and Japan deliver BIG, and I mean REALLY BIG, the path to a sequel is going to be a long and torturous one. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen or can’t happen — but it won’t happen easily. It looks now like domestic gross may not reach 100m — and the upper end of foreign is probably 250m, maybe 300m if China hits really big. So that’s 400m best case with only about 22% coming from the US (where the Studio gets to keep more). $400m should be enough to generate a sequel, but …..

    Factors working against this are a) the weak US performance (even with good foreign) which has a psychological affect on Disney execs and Disney shareholders; plus other issues at Disney relating to their entire approach to their slate and a commitment to back away from relying so much on expensive “tentpoles”; b) the branding of a film as a “flop” in the US which means that Disney, in announcing a sequel, would have to really, really be ready to explain to shareholders why they are not throwing good money after bad. It’s a lot easier for them to just say “the write-down wasn’t very bad, didn’t hurt us, and we’re moving on.”

    To overcome the foregoing, there will need to be a credible counterargument that is being put out there and pushed. Creating such a counterargument will involve: a) getting the final global theatrical numbers in, b) extrapolating what budget will be solidly profitable if a sequel did only as well as the first installment, c) demonstrating that the sequels can be made at that budgetary price point, and d) convincing Disney of all this.

    If Disney won’t bite – then this pitch has to be taken to other studios. The thing is, for the next five years at least, there is a baseline measurement of what a John Carter film will do and there is an audience waiting for more, so if sequels can be pumped out at the right price, the equation works. Doing 2 and 3 together in one shoot is obviously one way to achieve economies. There have to be other ways. One issue that comes into play is how much budget reduction Stanton would put up with before he would feel it becomes “soul-crushing” …. or maybe he would just elect to be the guy who made the prototype and hand off directing to someone else.

    But I don’t, at this point, see Disney making a happy announcement anytime soon. They have made too many statements about their “new direction” under their new leadership, etc.

    My big question — and one I intend to try and get an answer to — is, under the terms of the Disney agreement with ERB, Inc., how long do they have to put a sequel in production before they lose the exclusive right to make a sequel?

    One last thought — there are lots of other ERB properties and now that John Carter has re-established ERB as a brand, the argument could be made that the next step is to use the JC numbers to get another studio to try a Carson of Venus or other ERB story, on the belief that the fans of John Carter will flock to that movie……

  • Hey Dotar!

    With the priciples signed for a trilogy and the script for Gods seemingly ready, do u think they will announce their plans for a sequel either way by June?

    How long would a contract for the priciples indicate that the actor is expected to
    return? Any rough idea?

    I can wait for this weekends numbers. I was hoping for a good outing, but for some
    reason, people want to see 21 Jump in the theater, even though JCM is the big screen epic.

    Havent seen any commercials this week, but I wasnt watching kid programs.

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