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Disney lifted the embargo on us! HOORAY! So, here is my review…

Film fans have easily become jaded by more and more and more of the same old, same old thing. Decades of films, both good and bad, imitating each other for better or for worse. Well, just when one may think something new and truly different cannot happen anymore, we have Andrew Stanton’s John Carter!

Earth vs Mars:

I was so impressed with the way Andrew Stanton treated the look of the scenes on Earth versus those on Mars (Barsoom). The Earth scenes were filmed with the kind of lighting and tone that we’re used to seeing in other films, but when you go to Barsoom, WOW! It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or felt! The light, colors, the whole vibe on Barsoom is so unique and to be honest, quite addictive! I’m dying to return!

Couldn’t get enough:

John Carter is a 2 hour 12 minute film, which is considered long. But by Issus (goddess of Barsoom) does it go SO fast! Despite being so tired after a very active, intensely fun time at the ECOF (Edgar Rice Burroughs Circle of Friendship) convention, I would have sat there for another hour, maybe even more!

Casting Greatness:

I’ve said before that I love the cast of this film, and now after seeing it I can say that feeling has not changed and has only been validated. Taylor Kitsch has a real presence on film. I’d noticed this when I saw him in Wolverine. I’m a Hugh Jackman fan but for me, when Taylor was on screen, he stole those scenes! I’ve always been very happy he was cast as John Carter, and I was not disappointed when finally seeing the film!

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  • This is one of my favorite reviews of John Carter, hopefully more reviews are like yours Khanada! You basically wrote your review in excitement and emotion of love for this film. Great job!

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