Mars and Beyond — A Disney 1957 View of Barsoom that will make you smile


Even in these rather dreary days in the aftermath of a disappointing opening weekend for John Carter, has posted a wonderful story about the 1957 “Mars and Beyond”, a Disney production that included a very humorous look at Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom. Directed by Ward Kimball for “Disneyland” TV series, the segment on Barsoom includes some very funky sketches.

Here it is — the full hour.


  • I wonder how many people remember Disneyland as a TV show? I remember the Wonderful World of Disney — must viewing on Sunday nights in our house. I never saw this. Thanks for sharing.

  • I actually remember watching that as a boy. Pretty cute, although doesn’t look like anything that’s been floating around my head concerning Barsoom. Very nice, though.

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