MTV: Three Non-Geeky Reasons to See John Carter

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Sci-fi fanboys and action junkies will no doubt flock to theaters Friday for the long-awaited release of Disney’s big-budget space romp “John Carter.” But what’s in it for those of us not of the geek persuasion? Plenty! Keep reading for three reasons you should see “John Carter”…even if you have no clue what a Thark is.

1. Taylor Kitsch in a loincloth
Though that subhead should be fairly self-explanatory, let us just reiterate that the erstwhile Tim Riggins’ buff bod is bare for practically the entire movie. Picture sand-encrusted pecs and sweat-drenched biceps, and you get the picture. Plus, this is basically your last chance to swoon over his sexy long locks before he goes close-cropped for May’s “Battleship.”

2. Forbidden romance
At the insistence of her father, Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins) must marry Sab Than, the Zodangan prince, to end the war between their countries. But when the feisty princess meets John Carter, she can’t help but see (and fall in love with) the sensitive soul hiding behind the clunky breastplate. We can never say no to a tumultuous love triangle.

3. Intergalactic fashion
Dressing to impress isn’t hard when you’re a princess, and Dejah is fearless when it comes to her wardrobe. The armor she fights in is cropped and looks a bit like a metal bathing suit. It sounds painful, but it allows her the freedom to wield a sword and look fabulous doing it. Our favorite outfit, however, is her exotic gold dress (on display here at ArcLight Sherman Oaks Cinema). Beautifully detailed with gems and stones and incredibly revealing, it’s no wonder John Carter falls in love.

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