New John Carter Fan Trailer from A.J. Meadows


We like this — especially like that the author has used some of the score from the movie.  We’re not sure where it comes from — researching that now.  But want to share it.  Will the owner please step forward and tell us where he is!  Bravo!


  • Hey guys, I’m AJ Meadows (the guy who cut this trailer together). I figured I’d clear some confusion up. I do live in the US, as someone mentioned earlier in St. Louis. When I put this together, I pulled from a whole bunch of publicly released clips and I think for that final title card with the link to the AU disney site, was just the one I thought looked best from one of the featurettes I took it from. Thanks for posting my trailer though! I read your site obsessively up to the film’s release. Thanks for all of the great coverage!

  • At the end of the trailer there is a link leading to

    and that is the facebook of

    Walt Disney Studios Australia and New Zealand

    and on the user’s channel he is from

    Hometown: Saint Louis
    Country: United States

    he says he is an “amature film-maker with few resources but a lot of ideas.”

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