Our Second Fan Trailer Just Made it to Ain’t It Cool News …. too little too late, but thanks!


Today on Ain’t it Cool News, Harry Knowles just posted our fan trailer #2 “Heritage” and wrote about it. Thanks, Harry ….you knew that the AICNovites would bite you for posting again in defense of John Carter, but you did it anyway. ERB thanks, you, we thank you, and Andrew Stanton surely thanks you.

If you haven’t seen JOHN CARTER, this fan trailer nails it! This is how the film could have been sold…

Published at:  Mar 21, 2012 9:43:29 PM CDT

Hey folks, Harry here…   I know, everybody and their brother has written article after article about JOHN CARTER’s box office death.   The annoying part is that folks seem bent on blaming Andrew Stanton for this.   Well, the film that ends with Directed by Andrew Stanton…   that film is pretty damn terrific.   I absolutely hang this terrible performance on the marketing of the film.  The movie was presented to the public with no context.   No introduction to the genre significance and certainly very little sense of the true grandeur that Stanton had in his film.   This fan trailer that the Reluctant Austinite made me aware of rights that.  Unfortunately, I can’t place it in front of 500 million sets of eyes, but you do.   If you like it, share it.  Films sometimes live or die by those of us that let them.   The brutality that the media covers abused this film is truly beyond reason.  Keep an open mind and get curious…


  • Great job on a trailer which really captures the film. Why didn’t they hire you guys instead of a marketing company who didn’t understand the product they were trying to sell. I am furious at Disney for dropping the ball on the film and the whole John Carter experience. Edgar Rice Burroughs deserved better. I can’t believe they are going to pass up what could be another successful franchise. Can you imagine going to Disney World and finding Barsoom?!!
    These guys are idiots and should all be fired. Absolutely no support for JCM.

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