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Quite a few new visitors are dropping by here, now that John Carter is in theaters, and some are still not sure whether or not they will see John Carter in theaters. We want to put our best foot forward with the new visitors, so we’re republishing our fan trailers and a clip from our documentary on Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The first fan trailer uses bits and pieces from all the Disney trailers that were available as of Super Bowl Sunday, February 5th. It got a seal of approval from Andrew Stanton, who tweeted: “Great fan trailer! They get it!” It’s gotten more than 150,000 views on YouTube, thanks mainly to Andrew’s kind words about it.
We tried to use the trailer as a way to clarify the basics of what the story is about, and give a feeling for how an ERB fan sees this material:

We made the second trailer — ‘Heritage’ — just a few days ago. It’s a celebration of the heritage of John Carter, and a reminder that it was the vision and imagination of Edgar Rice Burroughs that made this wonderful story possible.

Also, we are making a documentary entitled “The Life and Mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs”. Here’s a clip from that one. You can visit our Kicstarter Page here.

And finally — 100 Years of John Carter, our tribute to the artists who have interpreted ERB’s vision:


  • Hmm, I watched the movie for a 3rd time today, and I still didn’t hear “Our world is dying”.

  • I don’t think it’s ultimately how well or not, the trailers are done for this type of fantasy film, & their are different Genres in fantasy in different ways including tone. And ultimately i don’t think it’s the name of the film, although some names are better than others..

    But it is tone that is the determinant for reaching the market for the film.

    The tone of marketing that can reach a blockbuster audience for John Carter, is through print campaign of fantasy posters like that great pulp fantasy JC poster that was given away in i-max screenings.

    Fantasy posters, glossy full poster page spreads in newspapers & magazines, is where the blockbuster audience for John Carter awaits. Ironically, one of the attributes for these type of fantasy films is that the optimum marketing should cost a lot less.

  • @Nightshadesiris Yes she did say “Our world is dying” in the movie, before John Carter said “What happened to this place”

    This was the part where they were in the sandstorm riding those things.

  • @ H.R.H I noticed Dejah didn’t say “Our world is dying” in the movie, at least I really don’t think she did, because I looked for it since I thought she said that part with good emotion in the trailer.

  • So, have you identified any footage in the trailers that didn’t appear in the final film? (I noticed one.)

    I do hope enough of the excised footage has completed special effects so that when it is released as a DVD extra — you can edit a better version of the film!

  • Why have they ignored Edgar Rice Burroughs in all the trailers and clips? Is there a reason for that?

  • Those trailers are awesome, guys. Why didn’t Disney just use these? Now I’ll see the movie for sure. Seriously, completely changed my opinion. Now I get what it’s about. Why did they make it so hard for somebody who hasn’t read the books to understand what’s going on.

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